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HouseCall: Bulging Disk, Excessive Sweating, NutrEval vs. OAT Test, Sinus Issues, Neon Yellow Urine

Welcome to our first Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

We’re getting ready to answer some of our community’s amazing questions on wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging.

I’m looking forward to sharing those answers with you so let’s get started!

Scott: Hi Dr. Cabral – I recently accompanied my fiance on her visit to the Wellness Institute. I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with the whole experience, especially with the amount of time and effort you put into each appointment/consultation. My fiance has me hooked on the podcasts! Thank you very much for the knowledge you share with us. With that said, I have some questions of my own, but first, just a little background. I’m a 30 year old male who played at a very high level of soccer up until graduating from school, and since then, still play quite competitively. I’ve always been prone to injuries and most recently I’ve been diagnosed with bulging discs in my lower back (L5) as well as in my C3/C4, C4/C5 and stenosis in my C5/C6 – quite a mess right now. Long story short, I’ve been in a lot of pain over the last two weeks with the bulging pressing on the cervical nerves radiating down my shoulder and into my hand. My questions are which supplements do you recommend I take to help in the healing process? I’ve read about MSM, Omega 3, and Glucosamine and Chondroitin. I haven’t heard of MSM, but read that it’s a “miracle drug”. Where does one purchase these or other types of supplements? And lastly, I’m hoping you have a recommendation on any exercises (I envision you as the Wikipedia of health – my apologies, I’m asking too much), whether that be an inversion board or some other type of exercise. I’ve been advised to go see a spinal specialist and will be making appointments today. Thank you again for the podcast service and such a great practice! Regards, Scott


Jen: Hi Dr. Cabral! Thanks for all the great information you’ve provided in your podcasts. I’ve learned so much! My question today is related to excessive sweating and body odor when doing so. My teenage stepdaughter is very active in sports. She’s muscular and strong, bigger than most girls her age, but ‘solid’ not flabby. Based on my experience, she sweats more than most grown men and her body odor when sweating is quite pungent. Her clothes smell like a stale dirty gym locker room and must be washed immediately. Her father (my husband) and her sister (my other stepdaughter) do not have this issue at all. It might be something genetic from her biological mom’s family, but that’s unknown to us. Do you have any suggestions for what might be causing this and how we might help prevent this? Thanks for all the help you provide to your listeners!!


Lisa: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have 2 questions for you that I hope you can help me with. I recently read a book, Eating on the Wild Side, and I loved learning about eating the right foods. In this book they say the skins of fruit and veggies are nutritious……However, now Im reading The Plant Paradox and its about lectins and how harmful they are for us and its in the skins of our fruits and veggies. What is your opinion on lectins? My other question is about the OATS testing. I did this testing, however, I also do the NutrEval testing….can you explain the difference? The OATS test showed no yeast, but the NutrEval showed high yeast. This is confusing for me and would like your input. Thank you so much for everything you do and God bless your family! Lisa


Mariellen: Thanks for everything you do for your listeners. I previously wrote in and ordered the hormone test and had my consult with your health coach and just ordered the DIM Evail and adrenal response complete care. I am on month 2 of the candida protocol and haven’t stuck to the diet as well as I should, but have noticed reduced bloating and other benefits. I also take your Daily Activated Multivitamin. I feel like everything and anything gives me headaches.. I have been using the netti pot and when I have my bad headaches it does make me feel a little better, but notice after I use it when I bend over.. water pours of my nose and not sure if it’s normal when I use it I can sometimes feel it in my throat. My headaches are always the back of my head, my ears, my sinuses and my eyes always hurt and burn when I get them. They are usually pulsating. I also had trouble swallowing and getting food down. I have been choking here and there. I also have heart burn and do not talk anything for that. Sometimes when I swallow my pills for the candida protocol and my vitamin, the side of my stomach will start throbbing with pain. Sometimes it even feels like it’s hard to breathe and I always feel the need to clear my throat. My thyroid is ok I have had that checked out. Any thoughts would help and any natural remedies would be great seeing as I do not want to take anything for acid reflex etc.


Ewa: Hello, thanks dr Cabral for all that you do, so grateful and appreciate you daily! I would like to know what you suggest I do regarding me very intense yellow urine. This has been the case for about 6 weeks. I live mostly a healthy lifestyle, with food exercise and weight under control. I drink plenty of water , Dr Cabral daily support shake f breakfast, and your probiotic. I take 120 mg extra magnesium glycinate daily , can that cause the discoloring, even tho I dont notice any difference the days I forget the magnesium… I cant recall any particular diet change when this all began … appreciate your opinion on this, thanks a bunch! Ewa (like Eva, but you can spell it out any way you like 😉 Im going to the bathroom A LOT, at least every hour and have been doing so even before this color change happened. Thought that should be included in the bigger picture in case that helps as a clue… Thanks a bunch! Ewa


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