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HouseCall: Seizures, Health Condition Root Cause, Annual Review, Medicated Children, Cysts

Welcome back to our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend and I hope you were able to tune into yesterday’s 6 community questions!

We had a great Q&A session and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you today with these brand new questions:

Mariellen: Dr Cabral, you have always helped me in finding answers to my health issues and I am on a journey to getting better. I am not writing in for myself. I have a friend who for years has had what I would say are seizures. She has crashed her car before, been on vacation far from home and had this happen. There seems to be no common factor in these episodes. When she was on vacation she had a wild dream about a ton of spiders and woke up and her fiancé found her seizing and she always throws up after and sometimes pees herself as well. Out to dinner, she became unconscious, no seizing (which she said sometimes happens) and this was the only event where this has happened where she has had alcohol in her system but she literally became limp and was completely out for a minute or possibly longer and was sweating perfusely and began to vomit minutes later. We had just finished dinner and she was drinking water along with her dinner. She is a hairdresser and yesterday had mentioned she did a wedding and barely ate anything all day. She always feels completely exhausted after. Sometimes there is seizing and sometimes, there is not. No one will give her answer. She once had her stitches taken out and had a seizure. Anything would be helpful. Thank you

In addition to my other question just wanted to add on that she smokes marijuana and in the vacation case, she hadn’t smoked for 4 days and had one and yesterday was the first day she hadn’t smoked in awhile. The doctors will not diagnosis her with epilepsy because whatever test they ran came back negative and they say what she has are not seizures. Any advice would help.



Josie: Dear Doctor Cabral, I’ve been listening to all of your podcasts and learning soooo much. I really enjoy listening. I am currently working on improving my own health, but my mother’s health is very worrisome. These are a list of her major conditions. I was hoping you would have some ideas on a place for my mother to start. Primary liver sclerosis, State 3 liver disease Colitis Crohn’s UC Diverticulitis Autoimmune Hepatitis IBD Hiatal hernia Osteoporosis Hepatocellular She has had part of her bowels removed 7 years ago. She gets esophageal varices because of her liver disease. She experiences abdominal pain, spasms, bloating, extreme fatigue. My mother is on a LOT of meds for her illnesses, but she is only 58! She has been on antibiotics for about 2 years. I hate that she is on them, but the doctors have had her on them since she had septic shock and acute renal failure in 2015. I would like to encourage her to strengthen her liver. We have listened her your podcasts and learned that low fat diets are good for your liver. I’m trying to get her to drop gluton and sugar, and start drinking warm water. She already enjoys water with lemon, but I’d like to leave her with more. Would you think that starting there is sufficient or might you have more recommendations? Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do, Josie


Cara: Hi Dr. Cabral, First and foremost, I found your podcast a couple of months ago and I have been listening to you nonstop as I love learning about optimal health and nutrition. I value all of the hard work you do especially because it is derived from your own struggle and quest now to serve others. Recent History: I had a crash cesarean 21 months ago. I ended up with a very rare condition called velamentous cord insertion. My daughter arrived at 36 weeks 2 days (after a healthy pregnancy – no red flags) she lost a tremendous amount of blood before delivery, required intubation, 2 blood transfusions and was almost immediately transported via ambulance to CHOC where she was cooled to 91 degrees for 72 hours. She survived and thrived, no stroke no seizure, no developmental delays. We now share our story on behalf of CHOC at fundraisers and have contributed to the new NICU they just completed building. We have been able to serve others through our trauma. We eat paleo-ish, always organic / free-range / pastured / no gluten. I did start incorporating raw goat dairy a few months ago. I have one cup of coffee a day, usually half caffeine. I do yoga/pilates and with a toddler and two businesses I’d say my stress level is moderate. I wanted to clean up my system after having surgery and antibiotics. At 12 months postpartum (last November – January) I did a very in-depth 12 week gut thrive program. It started with an anti-inflammatory diet and moved into a pathogen purge, followed up my a reseeding phase. The clinical nutritionist is very similar to you in most ways with her philosophies and practices. The program included things like proteolytic enzymes, digestive enzymes, biocidin, atak, mors, diamateceaus earth+clay, triphala, Pure encapuslations/Orthomolecular high quality supplements, coffee enemas and probiotic enemas, heavy hitting oral probiotics, etc. I had to do the pathogen purge at 1/2 dose because I was still nursing. My husband and I did preconception work with our nutrition before I got pregnant with my daughter. I took a couple of different prenatals throughout: Innate, New Chapter, Garden of Life. Around 10 months postpartum I had lab work that confirmed I was low in D / K / B’s and tested positive for MTHFR 1298C mutation. After finding this out, I switched to Seeking Health Prenatal which is high in methylated B’s. I am now taking Orthomolecular prenatal. I am also taking your Daily Fruit and Vegetable powder and I just started trying your Nutritional support protein. Currently, I am still breastfeeding during the day. (we night weaned 3 months ago) I have had 3 menstrual cycles starting at 17 1/2 months postpartum and they have been irregular…roughly 40-45 days. I just had my annual blood work ran with a functional medicine doctor here in California although, he was not very thorough and still seemed to be on that 15 minute time allotment. Cholesterol was good. Total: 178 / HDL: 77 / LDL: 93 Triglycerides: 42 He said my D was low, but it read 53.4 so that should be good. Low in B’s B12: 17 / Folate: 37 / Pantothenate: 9 Low in Vitamin C: 48 Thyroid: Free T4: 1.18 Free T3: 2.4 Reverse T3: 13.4 Thyroid peroxidase antibodies: <28 Thyroid globulin anti-TG: <20 IGg Food allergy test (ran through Spectracell in Texas) showed I’m highly sensitive to grapes, which I rarely have, although, postpartum I’m highly sensitive to alcohol and I get a headache after a glass of wine. I’m “low” sensitive to garlic, green peppers, white potatoes and a few others, which he suggests I eliminate for a few months. He tested me for COMT which was not an issue. High in Eosinophils 18.5 (regular is 0.0 – 7.0), which he said could either be allergies or parasites, but my IgE confirms there are no allergies. Instead of running a stool test for parasites, he first said let’s re-run the lab work to see if that was a lab error. (I do have HSVII which I was confirmed via bloodwork while I was pregnant, but I have not had an outbreak in over a year – could this elevate eosinophils?) He says my hormones are good. I didn’t take the test right at 21 days, because my cycle is irregular: Progesterone: 4.46 (this looked low to me) FSH: 1.41 Estradiol: 138.1 Testosterone: 39 He says my thyroid is overall good, but my T4 is a little low and so he asked if I have fatigue, hair loss, or dry skin. I have had dry skin, mostly my hands where they will crack, but I attributed that to extra hand washing from changing diapers… My questions are: Why are my B vitamins low if I’m supplementing? At 53.4 do I need to supplement with D? I was taking Thorne D/K2. We are thinking about having another child, but it’s tricky when my cycle is irregular. What should I do to make my cycle regular? Should I stop breastfeeding now? Should I do another Detox? (I’m getting ready to have my husband do your 21 day detox) Should I be concerned of parasites? Also, if I’m taking your Daily nutritional shake, do I still take a prenatal on those days? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


Cara: Hi Dr. Cabral! One of my largest life struggles over the last few years has been watching my 9 year old step son taking Resperidone. He was diagnosed as autistic at 13 months, which I don’t even know how that’s possible so young. His mother has all of the medical rights and at 6 years old, his psychiatrist (who spends 5 minutes with him) placed him on Resperidone (originally created for adult schizophrenics, it has been found to cause type II diabetes in children and breast growth in boys). She did this without trying anything by the way of nutrition, genetic testing, supplementation, physical activity or consoling. He has always seemed like a completely regular child in our care. We have tried to make the aforementioned suggestions to his mom, but she never moves forward with any of our suggestions. 6 months ago, he was re-tested by Regional (for the first time since he was a baby) and they said he is NOT autistic. The mother asked for more testing which they did and again they deemed him not autistic and they wanted him to be moved into a regular school. He was in a school for emotionally challenged children. Since then the mother has added him on a second medication -it’s actually a blood pressure medication they’re using for children with ADD. Our hands are tied, and we only have him every other weekend. His nutrition at his moms is devoid… he has cheerios for breakfast… whereas we don’t have anything processed like that. Is there anything that we can supplement him with in the time we have him to help him? If his mom got serious about getting him off of these medications, what protocol would you suggest? I worry about him so much. I have reached out to his mom several times trying to help her understand and utilize natural modalities. In gratitude, Cara


Miles: Hello I am wondering what I could do to get rid of a cyst and make it dissolve or whatever. It is in an embarrassing and annoying painful place (scrotum) and I am willing to try basically anything at this point to avoid having it surgically removed. I have tried turmeric supplements but can’t take them because they make my stomach uneasy and I get heartburn . Maybe another recipe would work. I would like to try cbd oil if it might help . Any advice would be amazing thanks !

Thank you for tuning into this week’s HouseCalls and I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow on our Mindset & Motivation Monday show!

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