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HouseCall: HypoThyroid, Wart Cure, Picky Eater, Candida Diet, Metal in Body

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Anon: Hi Dr. Cabral! I love your podcast. I have learned so much from you. I believe I have mild symptoms of: leaky gut, hypothyroidism, candida and food sensitivities (for which I am following a protocol through my naturopath – I am avoiding my sensitivities, cooking mostly organic low-glycemic carbs, ethical meat, good quality fats My bloating has reduced and energy is better, but I still have the following which started at 17 (when I started university) and now I am 27: dark circles under my eyes, cold hands and feet (poor circulation), hair and eyelashes thinning, weakening and falling out (hair has also been turning gray), hard to lose fat and cellulite overall, but predominantly in lower body (I feel as though I hold on to water even in my calves). I am a female, of South Asian descent, 5’3 and weigh 120 pounds approximately, live in Canada and have mid-level stress. I am not sure what else to do. I want to ask for any tips and am just wondering what else I can do because I feel that I put in so much effort and still do not feel motivated to do my best in life (mood instability – sometimes down/depressed) and do not feel comfortable in a bathing suit… Thank you!

Jenn: Hi Dr. Cabral! I am so glad I found you on Instagram! I listen to the podcast regularly and value the information you share. What an honor it would be to meet with you one day. Thank you for your passion! There are so many questions that I want to ask, but I have narrowed it down to one! I have had a planter’s wart on my foot for almost 20 years. I have tried many methods of treating it and nothing has worked. I have had it frozen, cut out, special topical treatments, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil to name a few. It is slowly spreading and at times painful. Not only is it uncomfortable, but I find it a bit embarrassing as well. I constantly keep duct tape on it at all times. Any thoughts? I am a believer that we can heal most things life throws at us if we are addressing the right areas of our health and wellness. Thank you for any insight into this annoying issue. (294)

Kevin: Dr Cabral, You have helped my wife and I with so many things for ourselves…and now we seek guidance for our 8 year old son. He has developed into a moderately selective eater. He eats relatively healthy, for the most part, but only has about 3-6 foods in his arsenal at a time that he’ll even consider…and almost never tries new things. I’ve read quite a bit about this…and there are a lot of opinions ranging from “make one meal then let him decide if he eats or not” to “just make him what he wants and not worry about”. Sure would value your thoughts on this. Appreciate everything you do. – Kevin 

Jenn: Hi Dr. Cabral, Thanks so much for your podcast, I love listening to it everyday! I am starting the Bacterial and Candida cleanse protocol soon, and as I look through the meal plan I am beginning to become a little concerned I might get hungry throughout the day. I have an ectomoprh body type and typically have a few snacks during the day between meals. I am on my feet during the day and like to workout after work. I do not want to disrupt the cleanse process so I wanted to ask before I started in case I feel the need to snack. Do you have any suggestions for what type of snacks I could have or if I could bulk up the meals with a certain group? Would it be more harmful to increase a certain recommended food group? My last question: I know they are not on the list so just double checking if you would approve of chia seeds, flax seeds, salmon, coconut oil for cooking or any type of tea? Thanks so much for everything you do! I am extremely excited to commit to this protocol and get rid of all my Candida and Bacterial dysbiosis symptoms! Best, Jenn

Vivian: Hello, Dr. Cabral, THANK YOU so much for all that you do – don’t know how you do it all, but perhaps one day you’ll offer a podcast on your time management skills! LOL! Was curious if you could comment on biopsy clips. My allopathic doctors shot several titanium clips into me, to mark several masses located in the armpit area. The masses have all shrunk (I have since switched over to a completely holistic route, and have never felt better), but I can still see and feel small bumps, which I believe are the biopsy clips themselves. My questions: (1) Since the masses have shrunk, what exactly are the clips attached to? I’ve documented their locations via thermography, and at least one seems to have moved about an inch in the last 3 months. (2) What would be the safest way to have them removed? (The more research I do, the more I’m convinced I’m far better off having nothing foreign introduced into my body.) Thanks a million!

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