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HouseCall: Best Genetic Test, MTHFR Mutation, Dairy = Cancer, Eye Infection, Inflamed Joints, Customize Your Detox

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s #HouseCall and you’re ready to get started with another community Q&A!

Here are today’s questions I’ll be answering:

Lubos: Dr. Cabral. What is the main difference between 23&me vs. the genetic testing you provide via your website? I assume you may have covered this topic before (I’m relatively new to your podcast and to you) but there seems to be no content search functionality on your blog/website. Thank you and thank you for all you do. Lubos


Anonymous: Hey Doctor Cabral! Love your podcast dearly, thank you for all the information you provide. I love to learn from you. I found out I have the heterozygous MTHFR 677C/T mutation and was wondering if it is necessary for my to consume additional folate besides my daily multi vitamin which already contains 400mg. When I tried additional folate I got bad reactions such as insomnia and anxiety so I stopped, but I have read your body needs to go through a adjustment period for compensating for so long with this mutation. Is there any truth to this? Thanks! 


Aileen: Hi there! You mentioned in a recent podcast that dairy definitely feeds cancer (not causes but feeds the growth of cells when you have it). A friends sisters cancer has metasticized and her Dr said dietary changes aren’t important but exercise is (!!!!!). Can you speak to the research behind this so I can send her in the right direction? Couldn’t find any clean examples online. Thank you! I’ll be sure to review on iTunes – I don’t listen to any podcasts other than yours and they’re so informative.


Angela: Hi Dr. Cabral, I want to start by saying thank you for everything you do, and for the accessible and unmatched information you offer through the best podcast out there! My question is regarding my mom’s eyes. About a month ago her eyes have started to tear throughout the day. They are not itchy or red but have a sticky residue in the mornings, can be puffy, and they leave a crusty deposit around the tear ducts. She has used antibiotic eye drops that did not help. She had a bad case of pink eye about a year ago which was treated by antibiotic eye drops, which seemed to help. She has allergies to pollen and cats, as well as asthma. I have suggested to her that her sensitivities to histamines could be a cause and she has switched her face cream to Argan oil. Any suggestions would help! Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated. Angela



Anita: Hi Dr. Cabral, I listen to your podcast every day. You are truly amazing because of all the knowledge and help you give to so many people. I’ll give you my history in as little words as possible here. I’ve been vegan for over four years now. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and some grains. I probably eat more sugar than I should by means of dark chocolate. I don’t eat gluten because I have celiac disease, I’m 50 now. I’m depressed, anxious and exhausted all the time. I get bladder infections almost every time my husband and I are intimate, although since you have suggested probiotics I haven’t had one for a month now. My joints are incredibly sore all over my body especially my hands, feet, hips and shoulders. I’m taking 50 billion probiotics with eight strains because I believe from what everything you have taught me that I have a leaky gut. I also have GERD, IBS, and have fibroids in my uterus. I wonder if I have yeast overgrowth. I ordered your Dr. Cabral three week detox and will be starting as soon as it gets here. Dr. Cabral, if you could give me any advice specific to my situation I would be forever grateful as I have been living in this state for many years and it’s affecting my personal and professional life in a very bad way. Thank you for all that you do!



Laura: Hi Dr. Cabral, Great information and all of your podcast! I am a health coach and have used your detox protocol on myself and others with great results! My question is regarding a special client of mine. This person has majority of their colon removed. She has just enough left so she doesn’t have to have a bag. I want her to do a detox protocol but she is worried about the fiber intake and problems with her lack of colon. What would you recommend as a detox protocol for this client. Does she still need to take some sort of fiber/binding agent or is she OK to just “let things come out” so to speak. Lol thank you so much for all of your wonderful information and health advice. – Laura


Thank you for tuning in this weekend to the Cabral Concept HouseCall shows and I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow!

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