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HouseCall: Sauna Question, Natural Sunscreen Recipe, Folliculitis, Corn Allergy, Heavy Metal Detox, Toothpaste Recommendation, Wrong Diet for BodyType

Welcome to this weekend’s Cabral HouseCall show!

I’m looking forward to seeing what we have this week for questions from our community, so let’s get started!

Carol: Hi Dr. Cabral, You talk about the benefits of dry saunas, but our gym has a steam bath. Is Steam as good as dry heat; please explain the differences! Thanks for all you do! Carol


Saralyn: I own an asphalt company and we burn through the sunscreen, literally! I would love the recipe that you talked about on this podcast!


Anonymous: Hello, Thank you for the hope you offer us through the sharing of your knowledge! My question is regarding Folliculitis. My husband battles this once or twice a year on his thighs. It typically happens when he works in hot wx wearing jeans. Is there an alternative to using an RX to treat this? Thank you, Anonymous


Lauren: Hi! Thank you for everything you do, my family and I love to sit around and discuss what you’ve taught us! I just got back the results of my food sensitivity test, and it says I need to avoid corn. I am wondering if that includes popcorn? It’s my favorite snack and I can’t help but wonder if the fact that it is dried could alter the danger of it. Thanks for helping a fearful corn-lover out!


Jen: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have two questions. Whenever I eat any grains, I feel tired, bloated, my nose gets stuffed up and I sometimes even get moody and I feel like it gets worse every time I try a little here and there. I’ve also had two root canals and recently all my old amalgam fillings removed except one small one. I feel like there is a lot of toxic build up in my body as a result. What would you recommend for a heavy metal and deep cell detox? I’ve heard you talk a little about removing toxins in the home as well and I am wondered if you have a list of brand names you trust in your own home or natural homemade recommendations for replacing things like dish soap, laundry detergent, household cleaners, shampoo/conditioner, makeup, etc. with safer products? Love your podcast and am so grateful for all you do! Thank you! 


Jodi: You recommended two different toothpastes; Jason’s and Lucky’s. Do you have a preference? 


Stacie: I’m a 45 year old 135 5’8 female. I don’t know where to start. I have symptoms for histamine intolerance, Mthfr, and leaky gut. I do feel like mybstints doing GAPS has helped my histamine tolerance to some degree. I have been Paleo and GF for 4+ years, I tend to stay quite low carb high fat(rarely going over 60 carbs) i eat all organic, grass fed meats and fats. Most days I do intermittent fasting. I am an ectomorph and have been doing crossfit 4+ years. I tend to be more strict on calories and carbs when I can’t do crossfit due to injury ( which is my current situation) I am an excessive all or nothing, high stress person. I do drink wine ( I go through phases where I will have several glasses a night) and coffee (trying to quit the caffeine). For the last few years i have battled ligament after ligament injury. I have torn both acls (1 just a month ago), Achilles, plantar facitis, shin splints and currently tendonitis on both elbows. I am quite sure I am drastically deficient in minerals, specifically magnesium. I also wonder what hormone issues I have as I did 3 years of IVF and fertility treatments (failed- ended up adopting). Long story, what tests and protocols do you suggest and in what order? What do you suggest I do with diet? Thank you for your amazing podcast!! Just found it and I’m hooked!


Stacie: Forgot to also mention that joints always hurt and low energy throughout day. Also, my daughter (adopted at 2 1/2 from China )who is almost 8 has asthma and myriad of skin issues. Most skin issues are better since GF abut still has atheletes foot, sweaty hands, asthma – what do you recommend for her? THank you!!

Thank you for tuning into today’s HouseCall and be sure to join us tomorrow for Part 2!

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Show Notes & Resources:

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> Sunscreen Recommendations (episode 511)

> Natural Sunscreen Recipe

  • ½ cup olive oil (can infuse with herbs first if desired)
  • ¼ cup coconut oil (natural SPF 4) or cocoa butter
  • 2 tablespoons Shea Butter (natural SPF 4-5)
  • ¼ cup beeswax
  • Up to 1 teaspoon Red Raspberry Seed Oil (natural SPF 28-50)
  • Up to 1 teaspoon Carrot Seed Oil(natural SPF 38-40)
  • 2 Tablespoons Zinc Oxide (do not breathe in)

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