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HouseCall: Weight Loss Testing, Food Sensitivity Reliability, SIBO vs. H. Pylori, Pregnancy Protocol, Low Stomach Acid, Combining Supplements, Supplement Add-Ons

We’re back with day 2 of the Cabral HouseCall and I’m looking forward to sharing with you some brand new questions that have come in over the past few weeks!

Let’s get started with today’s Q&A!

Jennett: Hello Dr. Cabral, I sent you a message about a week ago asking about why Im having a hard time losing some weight around my hips, legs and why I cannot get rid of my cellulite on the front and back side of my thighs. I realized I hadn’t told you much about my body type and thought it might help in order for you to have a better idea of what might be going on. I am in my early 40’s and weigh around 135 but I seem to have more fat than muscle tone and Ive always battled cellulite and estrogen dominance. I went to a natrapathic doctor when I received the estrogen dominance diagnosis and he put me on some supplements that balanced me out and that was about two years ago but I notice I do have extra weight on my thighs and butt as well as a little on my stomach (muffin top) I definitely don’t have all the symptoms I had such as low thyroid, constant heart palpitations, night sweats, adrenal fatigue, etc. Though I still experience a few symptoms like breakouts when I drink coffee more than a couple times a week, I don’t sleep through the night or feel rested when I wake and as soon as I lay down, my nose gets stuffy and I have little to no sex drive. I’m a mesomorph, pear shape body type and type O blood so I don’t know if what I eat plays into any of that and with so many diets out there. its overwhelming to know where to start. Thank you for all of your help!! I am so grateful for what you do! Jen


Anonymous: Hi, I recently did your SIBO & Candida protocol with fantastic results. I’m now one month into your gut healing products and suddenly I’m experiencing the severe stomach bloat again. I’m considering your food sensitivity test but there’s so much information from various trusted resources that these types of tests aren’t reliable. I’ve done many elimination diets and just can’t seem to get conclusive results. Is there something unique about your food sensitivity test that makes it reliable? As a side note I also just submitted my labs for your thyroid test. Thank you so much for your help!


Anonymous: Hello again! I seem to have many upper GI issues: reflux, indigestion, nausea, upper GI pain that when bad enough I vomit. This vomiting is usually brought on by large amounts of food or multiple types of food in one sitting. I also have gas, belching, bloating, but no issues with constipation or diarrhea. Blood and breath test ruled out h.pylori and Stool test ruled out parasites. According to your TWT shows on leaky gut, the only culprit left is SIBO. With most of my issues located in my upper abdominal region, does it mean the bacterial overgrowth is mostly in my upper GI, possibly stomach? Or could it be gallbladder issues? I’m seeing a naturopath and she put me on the GI pathogen purge from systemic formulas but also gave me 500 billion CFU probiotic packets with many different stains that I took for the first week during the pathogen purge. I understand that this is something that many practitioners tend to do but shouldn’t. Could that possibly be why my SIBO seemed to clear up but 3 months later I’m getting these symptoms all over again. Thanks for your help, you are amazing and I deeply appreciate your passion to help everyone you can.


Tracey: I am 4 months pregnant. I just listened to your pregnancy podcast. What daily protocol should I be taking. Thanks for your help.


Anonymous: Hi Stephen, could you do a podcast on low stomach acid and how best to heal it? I have read how it causes all these other problems that I have been dealing with; dry skin, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune (hypothyroid)… I drink a glass of lemon water most mornings and it almost instantly makes my stomach feel more settled but other than that and maybe taking digestive enzymes before meals (could you recommend a good one?) is there anything else that can significantly help? and how long should it approximately take for this to heal? Thanks for your awesomeness 🙂


Lindsey: Hello, I had a question about two specialty supplements that I wanted to purchase. I recently heard Dr. Cabral’s podcast pertaining to how to heal a leaky gut. I decided I wanted to complete his entire protocol to heal any problems I may have with my microbiome. From what I understand, his program starts with wiping out first the H. Pylori, parasites, yeast and bacteria, and then begin repairing and replenishing with his daily gut repair supplements and daily probiotics. So my question is, can I use the healthy belly supplement to wipe out h. Pylori and the parasite protocol supplements at the same time? Or must they be done separately? Thank you, Lindsey


Lindsey: Hi Stephen, I am writing back as I feel I have received different responses by yourself and the support group and I want to try and clear things up. I have the candida protocol at home ready to start, I wrote in a week ago regarding if I could continue my supplements as I have recently been through some lab testing for my hormones and I have been put on the below; Douglas Labs Ultra Preventive III w/ copper Douglas Labs B-Complex – Douglas Labs DHEA 25mg – Douglas Labs Glutathione Plus – Douglas Labs Zinc Picolinate (50mg) – Douglas Labs Ultra I-3-C – The support email I contacted say absolutely no supplements can be taken whilst doing the protocol, however you on the house call said all was fine to take. The reason I ask for example there are foods to avoid like cauliflower on the list when doing the 12 week plan but it is in the I3C and daily fruit and veg blend I want to continue. I also want to continue with maca powder, acai, flaxseed, etc? Please can you clarify before i begin? I am sorry for writing in again but I am sure but you appreciate that with the money and effort that goes into these protocols I want to make sure I do it right. I’m excited to get started. Thanks!!

Thank you for tuning into day’s Q&A and I hope you enjoyed all the tips added in along the way!

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