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HouseCall: Sugar Addict, Grill Mats, Parasite vs. Candida Cleanse Order, Post-Natal Exercise, Travel Stomach Sickness

Welcome to day 1 of the Cabral HouseCalls!

As always we have some amazing questions that have come in from our community and we’re going to cover so much related to wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging, so let’s get started!

Here are today’s questions:

Sabreena: Hi Dr.Cabral, can’t thank you enough for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us listeners. Your podcast is so valuable! Over the past year i have been getting frequent UTI symptoms that will pop up and then go away within a few hours. (drinking alkaline water often contributed to the frequency) i am mostly plant based and health conscious, but i didn’t think much of it until i started to see small red and dry spots showing up on my skin!!! it led me to connect the clues! i was on birth control for 10 years and recently got off and definitely have some of the symptoms often attributed to an unhealthy gut or unbalanced microflora. my friends tell me not to self diagnose but i have come to realize that i may have a yeast or candida overgrowth?! i am going to get your candida protocol but i wanted to check and get your input before i made the big purchase. thank you so much for giving all your listeners the hope we need to get through these health battles big and small! can’t wait to get your feedback.


Derek: Hi Dr. Cabral. I’ve been watching your podcasts for a while now and they’ve been really informative both for myself and helping others. I’ve been doing a lot of research and studying on enlarged pores as it’s still something I’m struggling with. Protein absorption, clay masks, collagen protein, and overall digestive health are all things that I believe can help, but I feel like I’m still missing something. Am I on the right track? Is there anything else you would recommend? Thank you!


Stephanie: Hello! I have been an avid disciple of yours for several years now! So whenever I hear something that seems a little off or strange, I come to you first. A dear friend of mine is seeing a nutritionist that I recommended to her based on my personal experiences. I had an IgG blood test performed by this nutritionist who also helped me with a Magnesium and Vitamin D deficiency. They have been working together for a year now and the nutritionist told my friend not to bother to work out. She said that my friend does not produce testosterone, therefore cannot build muscle, which is why she cannot lose weight. She told her not to bother to lift weights because she has such little testosterone that she’s essentially wasting her time. I am a trained health coach and like you I am constantly reading books, medical journals, etc., and found her comment to be very strange. I was taught that lifting weights was actually a natural way to build testosterone, but my friend says the nutritionist has her taking a cream instead. In the year they’ve been working together my friend has actually gained 10 lbs and is more miserable than before. She had an IgG blood test and avoids the foods that cause her inflammation. She also has Candida and has admitted that she’s not been really great with treating that (she’s a bonified sugar addict). I am just wondering if the nutritionist is correct, or if she’s just trying to keep my friend coming in for the $150 a month office visit (she’s also a chiropractor) and the large profit margins on her supplements, or if there is any truth to her statment? Your thoughts?


Michelle: Hello again Dr. Cabral! You continue to amaze me with all of your knowledge and thank you so much for sharing it so selflessly! We all appreciate it more than you know. I’m not sure if you have seen this product but wanted your thoughts on it — the Pocco Grill Mat. It’s used to “protect” your food on the grill or smoker but I would use it more as a way to cook smaller items, like vegetables without them falling through. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks as always and stay well, Michelle


Julie: Hi, I’m looking to purchase The Parasite Clease and Candida & Bacterial overgrowth Protocols then follow with The Healthy Gut Support! 🙂 My questions are… Can the Parasite Cleanse and Candida Protocol be done at the same time? I have Graves disease with a Total Thyroidectomy, currrently on NDT and T3 mediation, I’m also trying to address a fatty Liver, Iow Iron, Adrenal issues ect… Will these products have any adverse effects? Many Thanks Julie


Lene: Hi, I just started listening to your podcast all the way from Norway, and I especially enjoy the mindset and motivation ones. As a matter of fact I just got twins three moths ago, and I listen to you podcast whenever we are out on a stroll. I cant see that you have covered these topics before, but I might just have missed it. I know this is a topic only relevant to half the population, but I still would appreciate it! So, I was only pregnant for 7 months before they decided to arrive with c-section. During my whole pregnancy I struggled with pelvic girdle pain, but this is gone now. Except from this the pregnancy was normal, and I didnt gain more than 5 kilos. After however, living at the hospital for a month, I ate only processed foods, and all around the clock, so I am now 80 kg and 165 cm. As many others I am eager to come back in shape. I used to exercise two-three times a week, and I had a relatively healthy lifestyle. However, I have the tendency to be jo-jo dieter (always in attempt to change my lifestyle, by eating less and training more (mostly free weights at gym). To put it this way: It wasnt a bad-bad lifestyle, and I wasnt in bad shape, but I guess I was over eating sometimes, and I just wanted to get to the next level. No fitness contest type of thing you know, but just feeling good in a bikini without holding my stomack in. I have decided this time to be more active in my everyday life. I am out with the babies every day for a two hour stroll, always wearing gym clothes and carrying all the gear/stroller four flights of stears. And I LOVE it! To me pregnancy felt like a prison and I must say I dont remember it as a nice experience, even though I am SO happy with the product! I dont expect to get fit over night. You focus a lot on routines (and that has opened my eyes – I wish I had heard your podcast before), but as you know this is hard with small kids, especially with twins I guess (In Norway we are blessed with a great health system, so I am of work with pay for a year). I dont sleep much, I dont have regular meals. I was hoping you would talk about this: How does one start out again after pregnancy to get in shape? When can one really start to lift weights again after a c-section? What foods should you choose and what especially does the body need in this period of post surgery and little sleep? Also, I have hired a personal trainer for ten hours to come – when would be the best time to start these meetings to get the most out of them? Should I wait until I get well enough to really do a hard work out? Finally: Thank you for sharing your advice and experience on your podcast! I am sorry for the long letter, I am not good at keeping it short 🙂


Ross: Hi Stephen, I have recently returned from vacation in Italy and while away I picked up a stomach virus which resulted in me having diarrhoea, it has been 10 days since and I am slowly returning to fitness. I would consider myself to follow a relatively healthy diet and fitness regime but I am regularly ill when I travel, both vacation and work, within the last 12 months I have been ill at least 3 times (sickness/diarrhoea). I think this is not helped by difficulty in eating like I do when at home. My fiancée Lisa regularly listens to your show and suggested that I write in and see what you suggest by way of tests / protocols. I am very keen to solve this so that I can travel normally.

Thank you for tuning into today’s Q&A and be sure to check back tomorrow as we cover day 2 of our community questions!

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