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HouseCall: Hormone Balance, Green Tea Reaction, White Spots on Skin, Oxalates, Greens Reaction, Lab Choices

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Here are today’s questions:

Asheley: Hi Dr. Cabral, I enjoy listening to your podcast. I am interested in purchasing a lab test, specifically the Hormone & Adrenal Package or the Organic Acids Test, or both and eventually other tests. I recently took a blood test and found out that I have mild anemia, and my thyroid is on the low side of normal. My menstrual cycle is very irregular. My period can last for about 2 weeks with a lot of spotting for days, and a few days of consistently heavy bleeding with clots. I have fibrocystic breasts, so I avoid caffeine when I can and the pain has diminished. I have skin problems as well including acne on my shoulders and back, hyperpigmentation from acne scars on my face, back, and shoulders, some eczema between my fingers, and an occasional boil/carbuncle on my back. I have considered the gaps diet but I don’t know where to start. It seems difficult to start and maintain a gaps diet. My CBC lab results are: WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT – My Value: 6.7 Thousand/uL Standard Range: 3.8 ‐ 10.8 Thousand/uL RBC – My Value: 4.23 Million/uL Standard Range: 3.80 ‐ 5.10 Million/uL Hemoglobin – My Value: 11.1 g/dL Standard Range: 11.7 ‐ 15.5 g/dL (My Hemoglobin value is slightly low) Hematocrit – My Value: 35.6 % Standard Range: 35.0 ‐ 45.0 % MCV – My Value: 84.2 fL Standard Range: 80.0 ‐ 100.0 fL MCH – My Value: 26.2 pg Standard Range: 27.0 ‐ 33.0 pg (My MCH value is Low) MCHC – My Value: 31.2 g/dL Standard Range: 32.0 ‐ 36.0 g/dL (My MCHC is Low) RDW – My Value: 14.0 % Standard Range: 11.0 ‐ 15.0 % Platelets – My Value: 216 Thousand/uL Standard Range: 140 ‐ 400 Thousand/uL MPV – My Value: 12.8 fL Standard Range: 7.5 ‐ 12.5 fL My TSH Results: TSH, 3RD GENERATION 1.58 mIU/L mIU/L Reference Range > or = 20 Years 0.40‐4.50 I am a 25(almost 26) year old female and I am not pregnant. My Free T4 Results are: Free T4 – My Value: 0.9 ng/dL Standard Range: 0.8 ‐ 1.8 ng/dL From my symptoms and lab results I know I have mild anemia, and I probably have estrogen dominance or hormonal imbalance and candida overgrowth or imbalanced gut flora. My questions are: Which lab test should I order first? For the Hormone and Adrenal test, when do I take the test? My menstrual cycle is so irregular that I do not know consistently when is 5-7 days before Day 1 of my Cycle. Can I just take it any day that I am not on my period? What foods and supplements do you suggest for balancing my hormones? Thank you for your help



Lizbeth: Hi, I’ve noticed that my body reacts negatively to green tea with stomach cramps, constipation, inflammation etc. Do you know why this is possible, and what can I replace green tea with? I’m trying to stay away from coffee. Plus, I’ve heard all of the good properties it has, but my body seems to hate me when I use it. Thank you for all the information you are providing. I’ve learned so much, and I’m still learning much more from you. I’m even listening to all your old podcasts from the beginning! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!



Thomas: Hello Dr. Cabral Love your show. As I get into my 40’s I have noticed more and more white spots on my skin popping up. Especially on the arms. Is there anything that can be done about that or is it just what happens as you get older? Can it be reversed? Thanks


Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral, What is your opinion on oxolates and the excessive consumption of dark, leafy greens? My diet is heavy with the daily consumption of green smoothies and juices, and salads with bitter greens, and cooked greens. Is this something that should be concerning? Also, what is your opinion on alkaloids? I rotate my greens weekly to avoid over consumption. Should this be concerning, as well? Many thanks! 


Bettina: Hi, Thanks for all your amazing help. I did your 21 day detox about a month ago and it was life changing. I thought I was healthy before doing it so didn’t know what to expect, and you exceeded my expectations. My body has even more energy and my brain seems so much clearer. So to continue this amazing feeling I now do your shake in the morning and the greens powder too. But I am experiencing a problem that really needs some help. I’ve been taking the greens powder and shake every morning for the last 3 weeks. About 2 weeks ago I started having horrible gas problems. I know its not the shake because I never had that while on the detox. Previous to the detox I ate a very plant based diet and eat no gluten. One of the things I did find amazing since going off gluten a couple of years ago and sticking to a plant based (with protein at night) diet was how little gas I created. But now it was returned to the point that the smell is waking me up at night (and unfortunately my husband too). I find that legumes give me gas too so I never do them, now or prior to the detox. I so want to continue taking the greens powder but do you think maybe it’s tipped me over in the amount of vegetables I’m consuming? I have been having loose stools too since taking it. Please let me know what I should do. I haven’t been taking a probiotic but do eat fermented vegetables regularly. Do you think that could help. thanks,



Annie: Hi Dr Cabral! I have been on a health journey for a little over a year now and although I have seen improvements, I still have some chronic issues that I’d love to get your thoughts on bc I seem to be plateaued & although I’m in a better place, I’m not symptom free. A little background, just so you know what I have already addressed. I have run multiple CBCs and urine metabolite tests. I was very estrogen dominant and had high cortisol due to over training, but both have been balanced since. Chronic issues in my CBC – high glucose (95), high LDL cholesterol (142) and low HDL (56), high total protein (7.6), high globulin (4), low Alkaline Phosphatase (35), low LDH (70), low hemoglobin (13), MCV (90), RDW (13). Sorry for the overkill with data, but I have been running blood labs for a year every 3 months and these are the standard issues I’m seeing, regardless of supplement intervention. Apart from the numbers, I have physical symptoms that are driving my search still. I have skin issues – acne, melasma, and the backs of my arms are flushed, slightly bumpy. I have a little bit of stubborn belly fat and some digestive discomfort still, even when eating to the Sensitive Gut protocol. I am on week 9 of the Yeast & Bacteria Cleanse and have seen decrease in bloating and some belly fat, but not sure SIBO/Candida is 100% my problem. My belly gurgles and almost always have a little bit of gas after I eat a full meal. I have regular, healthy bowel movements, 1-2 daily. I’ve stuck to the program, so I’ve been gluten, dairy & sugar free for over two months now. I’ve done the 7 day detox and have added detox efforts to my lifestyle. I have cleaned up the products in my home, eat organic whenever possible. I’m almost to the point of accepting and appreciating my health for what it is, because in all honesty, I have much to be grateful for, but I still feel like I haven’t hit the nail on the head just yet. I plan to run your Organic Acids Test when I’m through with the gut protocol. I’m also curious about EBV (I had mono in high school but don’t really have any chronic symptoms), parasites & food sensitivities. Do you think any of my symptoms warrant a different test? Thanks so much for all that you do for our community. You are a mentor to all of us without ever meeting us, and I’m so grateful for the influence you have in my life. I’ve reviewed the podcast and am constantly sharing links with anyone I think it can help. I look forward to learning from you & appreciate you so much!


Thank you for tuning in and be sure to check back in tomorrow as we answer 6 more of our community’s questions!

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