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HouseCall: Always Sick, Detox Meal Plan, Detox Weight Loss, Low Testosterone, SIBO Struggles, Food Sensitivities

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This weekend we have some fantastic questions and I did my best to answer each an every one of them!

Monique: Being a wellness client of yours and seeing my own health transform makes me want to share that with me personal training clients, I just have a question for what you would recommend for one of my clients. My client is a women (24) who had surgery on her ear a few months ago, I believe something had burst in her ear or was about to, she was on bed rest for a couple weeks taking lots of antibiotics and other medications. She constantly gets sick when shes travels, I saw her this morning after flying out of state this weekend and she had said she lost her voice and couldn’t breathe when she got off the plane, other times she has gotten a pneumonia. She is constantly stressed from full time school (which she just graduated so that stressor is gone for now) and full time managing a bank. We work on mediation and stretching, i’ve suggested natural calm before bed when she feels wired at night like she sometimes does. I see how this all connects from all i’ve learned from you, I just am not sure which protocol or test I should recommend to her and then what she can do moving forward! She also has been having trouble losing weight, she hasn’t changed her diet very much (it is for the most part healthy) I was thinking about your ENT protocol, but again just want to see what your best recommendation is! Thank you for everything, love sharing what you’ve helped me with! Sharing all the knowledge with all my clients and everyone who talks to me about their health and just spreading the truth!


Johny: I noticed that part of the Dr. Cabral 7-Day Detox includes solid meals (not smoothies). I’m wondering if they are vegetarian, or if there is a vegetarian alternative? Thanks



Anon: Hi Dr. Cabral, I recently completed your 7-Day Detox protocol. After the first two days, I lost about 4 lbs, but my weight went up about 1 lb after incorporating food into the plan. Overall, I lost about 3 lbs on the plan, and I followed the protocol exactly as outlined. I’m seeing a Naturopathic doctor for hormonal issues and mentioned that I would be completing your detox plan for 7 days, and really wanted to invest in the 21 day plan, but was concerned about the amount of associated weight loss, since I don’t need to lose that much weight. They stated that 1) I should be on a longer protocol, as 7 days is not going to be enough to address any of my underlying issues, and 2) I won’t lose that much weight, because I eat better than the average person (plant-based vegetarian, little to no dairy, low sugar and so forth) and that your detox is primarily targeted for people who are relatively unhealthy and eat a standard american diet, so their weight loss will be more substantial. I do have about 10 lbs of weight that I would like to lose, as I’ve gained this amount in the last 2 years and have plateaued with my weight (don’t gain or lose much with diet and exercise). Also, I exercise 3-4x per week, doing strength training and vigorous yoga. What are your thoughts? Could this be hormonal or because my diet is “clean” already? I’ll also mention that the meal plans that are outlined in your detox protocol are what I eat in a typical day, including green smoothies, more fruit, big salads, some carbs and the occasional processed food. Many thanks!



Adam: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have been listening to your podcasts for about 6 months and can’t say how grateful I am to you and your practice for all you’ve taught me. God bless you, your family and your practice and keep up the good work. My question is quite lengthy, so about 2.5 years ago I took a workout supplement called a pro-hormone(which was legal at the time) and that significantly increased my strength and size in my workouts, later I found out that this was basically a lower dose of legal steroids. I took this Throughout college about 3 times over the course of 3 years, each time being for about 1 month. I haven’t taken anything of the sort in 2.5 years and recently about a year ago I got my blood tested and found my testosterone to be very low. I tested at 345 blood level testosterone serum in a range of 350/1100. I’ve been tested 3 times since August of 2016 and every test shows the same thing, low testosterone. I’m 27 and in great physical shape, I take your daily nutritional support, pro biotic, fish oil, berry smoothie every morning and vegetables at every meal along with organic/grass fed meat. I would say I have a very good diet. I excercise 5 times a week, have a low stress job/life and can’t seem to understand why my body hasnt recovered. 2.5 months ago I did a tissue mineral analysis with my chiro, which indicated that a have low adrenal function and that my thyroid was being a little overworked. Since then I have been supplementing with Cataplex AC, Drenamin and Isagenix Ionic Supreme along with stretching/yoga 2-3 times per week, I still feel the same. I’ve been trying to fix this problem for over a year, I have very low sex drive and low energy at times and can find myself becoming depressed easier than I used too. Have you treated anyone in this situation before? Could I have caused permanent damage? Is there a natural fix or do you think I’ll need to go on TRT at such a young age? What should I do, I want to live optimally and am ready to get this fixed. Thank you so much for your time, Adam.



Courtney: Hey Dr. Cabral! Long story short I have been dealing with sibo (methane dominant) for about a year now.. I have been on antibiotics and NOTHING seems to be working.. I have chronic bloating and discomfort whenever I eat anything…. I want to buy your candida protocol however im scared that it is not going to work like everything else I have tried.. I have spent so much money on medicines and doctor visit I just don’t want to try this and it fail for me.. If this does not work is there a money back guaranteed? I will do anything to stop bloating and be normal again.. Please help!

Janice: Can you please do an episode on benefits of black seed oil?

Amanda: Im a holistic health practitioner and started my health journey about 3 years ago. Since then I have realized I have a sensitivity to gluten and dairy (often getting leaky gut even if I consume only a little) . I feel that as I go down this road of health, although I feel amazing, I feel very restricted in my habits, where my friends seem to eat the worst foods ever and don’t have problems. Is this a natural cleansing process? Now that by body is so clean it cant tolerate the poisons I’ve been putting into it? Is there a reason why I react severely yet my friends seem to have no symptoms? Second topic is identifying resources: Where is the best place to get my information when I’m working on research to find the best information for my clients? I use nhbi often and try to look for medical studies, but it’s so difficult to find good studies even that are backed by a bias or a funded study. Last question: I heard you say cooking in oil causes acne. Can you explain how that happens?


I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow on our 2nd edition of the HouseCalls!


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