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HouseCall: Adaptogens, Nitrous Oxide, Fluoride Dangers, SIBO Challenges, Overactive Bladder, Multiple Health Issues

Hello and welcome to Day 1 of our weekend Cabral #HouseCalls!

I’m looking forward to answering more of our community’s questions today and we have some great ones!

Here are today’s topics:

Alex: Hello Dr Cabral! I was wondering if you’ve ever done an episode on adaptogens. I’ve been reading about them and wondering if they are worth investing in. If possible, could you go over their effects/pros/con/benefits for the body? If you’ve already covered them, let me know what episode, and I’ll check it out. Thanks for all you do. Alex


Andy: Hi Dr. Cabral, Our son, 19, is having problems with his wisdom teeth. They recommend he has them extracted. He has a needle phobia and has syncope with all needles, injections, IV. The receptionist at the oral surgeon mentioned he may need nitrous oxide before they put in an IV. I’ve read nitrous oxide can be detrimental to ones health especially if the MTHFR snps is in play. We don’t know that though. He recently did the hair, tissue, mineral analysis and organic acids tests through your clinic but those results could be 4-6 weeks away. He’s generally in good health. Do you see any issues with using the gas? Thanks for your help! Andy

Lindsay: Hi Dr Cabral! I came across your profile on Instagram , and as a certified Holistic Nutritionist I’ve been following you closely since. I absolutely agree and align my thought process with all that you educate on, so thank you for all you do. My question is regarding fluoride. I’ve received numerous questions on this topic regarding “should we choose a fluoride free toothpaste since there is conflicting information on fluoride in the talks of it being in our water, oral care ( toothpaste etc). ” Thanks so much , appreciate you ! Lindsay


Alyssa: Hi, I have been experiencing digestive distress for the past 3-5 years. I am pretty certain that I am gluten intolerant, though I tested negative for Celiac (when I eat gluten, i experience symptoms such as significant bloat, belching, fatigue, sometimes nausea; when I eat gluten-free bread or meals, I feel OK). Additionally, I experience similar symptoms even when I am avoiding gluten. I’ve been to a couple different GI’s, and one of which was helpful in the sense that he suggested I try a breath test for SIBO; I tested positive. And the test noted that I produce an overabundance of methane gas. My relief was through-the-roof: “I finally found out what is wrong with me!”. However, I asked my doctor some follow-up questions and he left me feeling less relieved and a bit in the dark on some things. So, through some research and a friend’s recommendation, I am reaching out to you in hope that you may have the answers to some questions or at least be able to provide some sort of guidance. – Do any foods trigger bacteria overgrowth or producing methane gas? – How can this be avoided in the future? – Once the 2 weeks pass and I get the bacteria out, would you suggest I immediately start taking probiotics to introduce good bacteria and build up the lining again? If so, do you suggest any probiotics’ brand or type in particular? – I often experience fatigue. Do you believe this could be a direct effect of SIBO or consuming gluten if I’m gluten intolerant? My doctor told me that the recurrence is real and is about 50%; he is not able to identify if foods trigger the bacteria overgrowth or provide suggestions on how to perhaps avoid this in the future. He also cannot say if he recommends probiotic, based on conflicting evidence. Any insight you are able to offer is greatly appreciated! Best, Alyssa


Stephanie: Hello About 4 months ago I stopped eating gluten and dairy products and have gotten relief from many health issues and feel tremendously better. I feel silly asking this but one thing I noticed is that I no longer have issues with frequent urination/overactive bladder (was never officially diagnosed with this by a doctor but it was always an issue). I am just wondering if this could somehow be related? Thanks for any info you can provide! 🙂 Stephanie


Christie: I stumbled across your podcast and man am I glad I did, your podcasts are inspiring and I finally have hope that one day I can just be normal! So thank you thank you for all that you do!! 6 years ago I had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, after losing 120 pounds I got pregnant with my 3rd son. While pregnant with my son my ferritin levels were untraceable and I still struggle to keep those numbers up. I’ve struggled to keep my vitamin D levels up but I’ve struggled with that for over 15 years. I had an IUD in for 8 months and was so depressed that I was sucicidal, plus I gained 40lbs while on it. I had it removed and now I can’t get the 40lbs off (that was 2 years ago), but the depression is better. Also the week before my period (we call it shark week) I am insane my emotions are all over the place from depression to suddenly happy and inspired to angry and the only time I feel normal is when I’m on my period I feel great when I’m on my period but the weeks before and after are pretty scary. No matter how much I sleep, I still find it hard to get out of bed in the morning and I need a nap in order to finish functioning during the day. I have to exercise at night because after working out I have to go straight to bed and if I workout in the morning then I sleep all day. My doctor has tested my thyroid loads of times and TSH is 1.98 within the numbers I guess. My doctors say that I have “Adjustment Disorder” as well as exercise induced asthma and was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my low back at age 30 (6 years ago) but I refuse to be on medication for any of it, I just deal with the pain and go every week to the chiropractors for the pain (i won’t even take Tylenol) and try and avoid exercising outside so I don’t go into an asthma fit. Over the past 10 months I’ve been on 10 different antibiotics, I’ve had 2 root canals, 2 nasal infections, 2 vaginal bacterial infections, and pneumonia and am currently on an antibiotic. I just would like to know where you think I should start first, what test do you suggest I start with? My doctors just want to put me on medication and I want to fix the problems, not mask them and create more issues than I already have! Also several doctors just shrug me off and say “you’re normal” and just a tired mom of three boys but man I certainly don’t feel normal. Help please!

Thank you for tuning in today and we’ll be back tomorrow with another HouseCall!

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