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HouseCall: Welts on Skin, Pityriasis Rosea, Skin Staph Infection, Vaginal Discharge, High Stress Symptoms, Trouble Swallowing, Anesthesia

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral #HouseCalls!

We have some amazing questions this weekend starting with these 6 community questions today:

Emily: Hi Dr Cabral, I need to get all four of my wisdom teeth extracted in a month. What can I do before and after surgery to help me heal faster and detox from the anesthesia? Thanks!


MariEllen: I went to the doctor for trouble swallowing. Got tested for my thyroid and had an ultrasound and all was okay. They want me to go to a GI for maybe an esophagus issue, but I have gone to so many doctors I don’t want to waste any more money or time. I often feel the need to burp. Could this just be acid reflux? And I am not interested in taking a prescription, is there any thing else I can take for this? Hi doctor Cabral, I have written in previously a week ago and have done some research with your help. You have not answered my question yet and I know you guys generally have a few weeks lag and it’s no problem but I have been thinking… would I be wasting my time doing the candida bacteria overgrowth protocol if I am currently on birth control? I am getting married in three months and the last time I tried to get off birth control, my entire back broke out and I can’t have that happen seeing as my back will be showing in my wedding dress. I kind of have tried to cross out everything else that is wrong with me.. is there a connection between candida and a hormone imbalance as well? Thank you!


MariEllen: Dr Cabral, you are amazing and I feel like I have made more progress with my health with listening to you daily than any conventional medicine I have tried. I just got back blood tests and an ultrasound on my thyroid. Everything came back ok. I believe my symptoms to be adrenal fatigue and no one seems to agree. I have been on birth control for far too long and hate what it does to me. I noticed when I stopped taking it for a short amount of time I slept a lot better but am back on it for my acne apparently. My cystic acne has yet to go away for good. I am still suffering from it. My symptoms are hard time falling asleep, irritable, snappy, anxiety, overwhelmed quickly, dry skin, frequent urination, purple nails and poor circulation to hands and feet, no sex drive, neck pain, trouble swallowing, cravings for sweets, extreme headaches, mind never stops racing, constantly worrying, startle extremely easily, grinding/clenching my teeth, lack of taste/smell, extreme hunger, burning and aching eyes, always cold, no motivation, dry and itchy scalp and oily hair and lighter periods as well as trouble swallowing and ear aches. I know you have a test for this, but I can’t find room for it in my budget this second and just want to feel better. I feel confident in saying I have adrenal fatigue, but want your advice. I also wanted to just get off birth control completely and keep telling my OBGYN that my cystic acne has got to be hormonal and no one will believe me. I want to take natural supplements to help me get back to myself and don’t want coming off birth control to be a complete disaster either but I don’t want to take birth control anymore. I also have your candida protocol that I will hopefully be starting next week.. Thank you


Jess: Hi Dr. Cabral, I recently completed the Candida and Bacterial cleanse protocol and feel amazing! I have significantly less bloating and love the results! I have learned so much about my body and how food affects it. I noticed that during the protocol my white clumpy vaginal discharge went away (I frequently got yeast infections), however some of the discharge is back now that I am off the protocol. I do sometimes get some foul smelling gas after meals as well. I am in the health professional field, followed the specific shopping list you provided and did my best to stay satiated on the meal plan. I did lose some weight that I am now trying to slowly gain back because I have not gotten my period the last two months. I am wondering if this white ( somewhat clumpy) discharge is normal. There is no itching like before. Any input or recommendations on gaining weight back without causing increased Candida growth would be so helpful! I started the gut rebuilding protocol but if you have other suggestions for another supplement to take to avoid Candida/ bacteria overgrowth again / ensure it is all gone that helpful as well! Thanks for everything that you do, I appreciate all of your time and commitment! Jess


Carla: Hi Dr. Cabral, I believe I have a staph infection on my arms and I was wondering the best way to treat it myself? I know that they can become very serious but I’d like to avoid going to a Doctor and being given antibiotics. I’ve been applying turmeric poultices for 2 days to two small open wounds on my arms but haven’t noticed much of a difference. Is there anything else I can do? Also what can I do to prevent it in the future? I do a martial art where I come in direct contact with other people (Brazilian jiu jitsu). Thank you so much for the work you do! Carla


Lauren: Hi Stephen, I recently got an alarming amount of marks that look like welts/hives/bites etc all throughout my body. It began as very itchy (including my scalp) as if i had a bug on me. Then within 2 days throughout the day I kept developing more welt like marks that are very itchy mostly on my torso area; however a few on my forehead near my scalp. I haven’t used any new products and I am very conscious of using Fragrance-free products as I used to have eczema and have generally sensitive to dry skin. I went to a walk-in clinic, and the doctor insisted it wasn’t bug bites but that it was something called pityriasis rosea. After looking at the symptoms of that, I have no similarities nor do my marks look anything like that as mine resemble mosquito bites. thus, i am stumped and worried it could be auto-immune related or something like scabies etc. Last week, i felt weird tingling in my left foot near my ankle as if the sense of touch felt different on that ankle compared to the right side. Just thinking if any of this could be related. I eat generally well and try to eat organic as best as I can but, I am not perfect & could be better. What route do you suggest I take in regards to the above? I wish I lived in boston to come visit you! thanks in advance!!

Thanks for tuning and be sure to come back tomorrow where we answer more of our community questions!

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