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HouseCall: Razor Burn, Varicose Veins, STDs, CBD Testing, OCD, Candida While Nursing, Increased Appetite

Welcome back to the Cabral HouseCall!

Today is day 1 of our community Q&A and I’m excited to be answering these specific questions:

Jen: Hi Dr. Cabral, Your weekend podcasts when you answer listener questions are quickly becoming some of my favorites. I’m learning answers to all sorts of questions I didn’t even know I had! And I really like how you reference back to older podcasts for more information. Needless to say, I think your podcast is great! Do you have any suggestions for a natural way to cure razor burn/shave rash? I seem to perpetually get it around my bikini area and occasionally in two small spots in my armpits, same spot under each arm. I’ve tried using every type of shave lotion/gel I know to exist, from natural ones at my local health food stores, to the chemically ones found at the big box stores, without much luck. I read online that coconut oil can help (it’s like a go-to cure-all for just about everything) but it didn’t do anything for me other than make that area of my body greasy. Any ideas? Thanks! Jen

Jen & Salma: Varicose Veins & Hi Dr Cabral. Thank you for taking the time to read and help me with my question. I have a few dark veins, possible spider, slightly raised in my legs maybe a cm or 2 long. These have occurred following 2 pregnancies and I’d like to remove them – is lazer my only option?

Simone: Excluding HIV/AIDS, are there any natural cures for STIs and/or STDs? Specifically, chlamydia? Thanks for any insight with this!

Susanne: My husband has a CDL license and has to pass random drug tests. If he were to us the CDB oil would he pass the test?

Lisa: My question and concern is regarding the use of CBD oil for OCD in my 19 yr old son. He has had OCD for about 9 years and been on Prozac. With maturity he has gained more control with it and wants to get off of this prescription. He is not a marijuana user or illicit drug user of any kind and against it (at least for himself) as am I. I would hate for him to start using CBD oil to mask symptoms and slip into the belief that using a drug is okay which could lead to further usage. I would want him to learn how to manage his OCD and not cover up his symptoms. He had years of therapy but rejected it overall. My other question is other than CBD or in addition to, what types of treatment or testing would your practice do to help someone like him wean off of his medicine. My biggest regret as a mother is putting him on them in the first place. I wish I would have known about functional medicine 10 years ago. We did recently talk with his doctor about CBD and sent her your podcasts and information regarding it. She didn’t agree or disagree but I hope she finds the info beneficial. Thank Dr, Cabral.

Nikki: Hi again 🙂 I had written in a few months ago about an ear infection my daughter had. Four months later (she is 1 now) she has another one and are giving her the garlic drops as recommended and it seems to be working! However, today her fever came back. We’ve been giving her a few drops in each ear 3 times a day. I don’t know what more we should do. I really want to avoid antibiotics and I fear she may be prone to ear infections. Her mood is fine, stool is normal, more sleepy, less hungry. A HUGE thanks for any insight on this and for all you do for this wellness community. Your knowledge is truly a gift to us.

Cassi: I’m currently doing the Candida protocol and just started phase 2. I have just recently noticed a slightly significant increase in my appetite and am wondering if you think this is related/unrelated/in my head…? Thank you!!

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to come back tomorrow for Part 2 of our Q&A!

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