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HouseCall: Joints Pop, Prebiotics Scam, IgE vs. IgG, Grapeseed Oil, Red Bumps on Skin, Weak Gut Problems

We’re back with our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to answering all of our community’s questions today and here they are:

Stephanie: Hi Dr. Cabral, I love your podcast! Thank you for providing listeners with this valuable info. For a bit of background: I’m active and try to maintain a healthy diet. I stretch every day and am fairly flexible, however for past few years, I’ve noticed that all of my bones crack. I was never that kid in grade school who could crack her knuckles, yet now (in my late 20’s), everything from my hips, ankles, wrists, knuckles, neck… never seem to stop cracking. I’m embarrassed in yoga when trying poses because the cracking can be quite loud… What do you suspect this is a sign / symptom of, and what would you recommend I do? Thank you!

Tanya: Hello. Questions on pre/pro biotics! >Are prebiotics necessary to getting better while suffering with sibo/yeast/bacteria/parasites? >Which one do you recommend and when to take, I have heard am before breakfast or pm before bed. This always confuses me. > Can you tae your pre and pro biotic supplement at the same time? > I may purchase Doctor X’s a scam? He has a crazy video on the internet. He says more important than pro biotic to help fix gut flora. tank you

Taylor: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am wondering your suggestions to avoid die off symptoms from your parasite cleanse and candida protocol. I tend to get constipated when the die off happens causing miserable symptoms. What are your suggestions to keep the bowels moving & prevent die off? Thanks!

Erica: I have a question in regard to the Food Sensitivity Test page. It’s mentioned that igG is being tested, however the Sample Report shows for igE. Are both being tested? Thanks for your help.

Cassi: Hi Stephen – thank you so much for allowing our learning to never stop! I actually have 2 questions that kind of tie together. 1. I eat about 90% of my vegetables by oven roasting them. I typically do 2 tbsp of grapeseed oil, whatever spices I feel I want and then roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or so. I find this is the easiest way to cook them and honestly I love the taste that oven roasting brings out in the vegetables. Additionally, I find that when I eat a lot of raw vegetables I get a lot of bloating and gas, so eating cooked veggies also makes me feel better. So my question is whether this is a “healthy” way to get in all my vegetable if this is the main way i’m eating them. What are additional things to consider? 2. My second question goes back to me not feeling well when I eat raw vegetables. I am currently going through your candida protocol because I decided that based on a myriad of symptoms I most likely have overgrowth. I don’t have a specific questions, but I want to bring up that I feel this is in part due to me having an eating disorder for several years. I have been in recovery for about 8 years now, but for a year at the age of 17 had severe anorexia (would eat about once every 2-3 days) and then from around 18-23 had severe bulimia with my binges being about every 5-7 days, and purge the remainder of the time. I also took laxatives every week and got up to needing 8 at a time before the pills affected me. I am sure there are several listeners who have also suffered through this terrible disorder, and just want to bring it up as i’m curious what long-term side effects this has had on my body. I’ve always be sure this has affected my digestion system, but every time I have brought it up or asked my PCP (I’ve had both an MD and DO) they seem to dodge or talk around the question. Can you talk about this? Thank you, thank you in advance!

MariEllen: Thanks for always answering all of our questions. I am so happy you take time out of your day, everyday to give all of your listeners helpful advice to be our best selfs everyday. For about the past 6-8 months, I have had the most intense itchy sensations all over both of my legs. They are little raised bumps that I can itch until they bleed. They are literally only on my legs and I do not consume dairy or gluten. When I itch, I get big and red blotchy irritations around the area.

Kyle: Hi Stephen! I’ve been on a bit of a personal health journey the last 2 years trying to figure out what is wrong with me and I recently discovered your podcast. I have to say, you are absolutely brilliant and I really appreciate all the work you do for people. I’m learning so much from you and am now annoying family and friends with constant information I’m learning! 2 years ago, I got food poisoning on holiday and got very sick. The local doctor filled me with antibiotics and I was up and running again. However since then I have never been the same. I go through periods of running to the toilet 5 or so times per day and not to be too graphic, but each time I go, it gets more mucus or bile like. Through personal research and your podcast I have come to realise I probably have a very weak gut, from a difficult childhood, to taking antibiotics prescribed for acne for years and a pretty rubbish diet. I have tried many methods to try and resolve it including your clean gut probiotic. However I seem to get temporary improvements, but not had a long term cure. My GP seems more interested in curing my symptoms unfortunately rather than helping me find the cause. And I am now back to square one. Would you recommend your candida protocol or something else? I also have other symptoms like bad allergies, recurring fungal nail infections, constant running/blocked nose thin hair, sudden bouts of fatigue, not sure if this is related to my gut in one way or another. Any way you can help is greatly appreciated. I hope my question isn’t too long. I know you like your 20 minute podcast time limit haha ! Thank you very much for taking some time to listen to me All the best, Kyle

I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s Q&A and all the tips added in along the way!

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