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HouseCall: Rancid Oils, Ginger Recipe, Miso Soup, Sinus Issues, Bra Stains, Vaginal Discharge

It’s time to get started with our first #HouseCall of the weekend!

We have so many great community questions this weekend and it’s best we just dive right in!

Sue: Hi, Few questions regarding cooking. I often cook with coconut oil as I hear cooking with olive oil isn’t healthy? Please can you confirm if I’m doing the right thing. Also, I often heat food up I’ve cooked in the microwave – can you let me know what the dangers to this are?? Thanks for answering. I love your show!

Lindsey: Hi Stephen, Quick question as I know you have lots of questions. You talk about ginger tea a lot and I love ginger.. do you have a specific recipe for this tea? Thanks

Jess: Hello!! Thank you for all that your doing in the world, would you be able to talk about Miso soup? Is it healthy and beneficial to our bodies? Thanks in advance!

Brook: Hi, Dr. Cabral. For around 1.5 years my husband (23 yo) has needed to wear a breathing strip 24/7. He has suffered from asthma since he was five years old, but this is a relatively new issue resulting in him needing to breath through his mouth and wear breathing strips out in public which is very embarrassing for him. He recently visited an ENT. The ENT Dr. said that he has a mildly deviated septum but the main issue is inflamed blood vessels that partially block his nasal passages. He was prescribed a nasal steroid, Flonase, and the doctor said that if the steroid doesn’t help then surgery could be an option. In the last 1.5 years his diet has improved tremendously but he now has more stress in his daily life. In addition, he does take Advair twice daily for his asthma, which is his only prescription medication. My husband has voiced the desire to get off his Advair, but we’re not sure how to begin that journey along with figuring out how what to do about his nasal vessels and breathing. Thanks so much, Dr. Cabral. I really enjoy your podcast and am thankful for your knowledge and love for healing. Hope to implement and teach patients about functional principals once I start working as an RN! Brooke

Anon: Hi Dr Cabral, thanks for everything you do. I have rather an embarrassing question but don’t know who else to turn to. My doctor says I’m fine but I don’t feel fine. I recently noticed gray stains on all my bra cups and sometimes, my nipples would get very itchy. I’m 25 years old and not pregnant. My grandmother (on my mom’s side) had breast cancer. Thanks in advance for your help

Yvonne: Hi doctor, I’m a 28 year old female. I always have whitish vaginal discharge without any pain or itchiness. But, if I have sex with my partner, cheesy cottage white discharge is emitted and vagina will start feeling itchy and sex will feel painful. If i do not have sex, I have another kind of vaginal discharge before and after my period. Is this normal?

Haley: Why do you recommend not cooking with oils? I’ve read that baking/sauteeing/etc with coconut oil (supposedly because it has a higher temperature tolerance) is okay. I would love to know why you recommend cooking without oils – I think I heard you mention that in episode #357, when sharing your favorite healthy fries recipe. Let me know! Thanks so much for all you do – I can’t stop listening to and sharing these podcasts! 🙂

I hope you’re having a great weekend and enjoyed the show!

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