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HouseCall: Knee Tear, Anxiety Relief, Workout PDF, Ayurvedic Dosha, Magnesium Supplements, Liver Flush, Joint Pain from Exercise

We’re back with our 2nd Cabral #HouseCall of the weekend!

And just like yesterday’s Q&A we’re going to be answering another round of community questions sent in by you, our listeners!

Here are today’s questions:

Erika: Dr. Cabral – thanks so much for all of your podcasts. I can’t wait to visit your practice in Boston sometime soon. I just had a terrible accident skiing, which involved an IV, ambulance ride, hours in the ER, and 48 hours of oxycodene. My X-rays show that I didn’t break anything. I lost my footing going pretty fast in steep terrain on an alpine run and skied fast right into a tree with my left shin. I got an MRI this morning and have been told I have a grade 2 partial tear of my PCL, I also tore my knee capsule, and sprained my MCL. I haven’t heard much on this on your podcasts, but was wondering… is there something I can start putting in my diet on a daily basis to help heal the partial tear? I’m really hoping not to have surgery… also what is the top thing you recommend for inflammation of this magnitude? I was a D1, and professional athlete- I work out multiple times a day and am very committed to my recovery. Thanks soooooo much for taking the time to answer my question! Staying positive and hopeful!! Erika


Elise: Hello Dr Cabral, I have struggled with anxiety to a certain degree my whole life. It has always been more separation anxiety until after I had my first son three years ago. Since then it has increasingly been changing and getting worse. I often struggle with leaving my “comfort bubble” which I have created in my home town. I say often because it doesn’t always happen there are some situation where I can go somewhere and be totally fine. Then other times just trying to drive an hour away becomes extremely difficult/impossible. When the attacks happen it feels like a ball is in my stomach and the more the anxiety grows it feels like roots are growing through my gut. I long to be free and to be able to travel and take my sons places. But I don’t exactly know where to start that doesn’t involve being medicated. I would love to find a natural solution to actually bring healing to my body as a whole. I have been taking probiotics for years and have changed my diet a bit. I also just recently started taking omega-3 after reading that could help with anxiety. I am just at a loss I don’t know where to start. If you have any advice on where to start or any suggestions on what type of blood tests/labs, supplements or diet changes I should look into I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.


Debbie: Hello, I just recently found your podcasts and am loving them! Is it possible for you to send me the PDF downloads from episode #292? When I click on them they are expired. Thanks and keep up the great work! Debbie


Tom: Hi Dr. Cabral, I recently purchased the Prakriti book you had made a book review of in one of your earlier podcasts. After doing the test to figure out my constitution, I discovered that I’m a PItta with Vata as secondary. I also remember you had mentioned that you as well are Vata-PItta. My question is about nutrition. How strictly do you follow the nutritional guidelines Dr. Svoboda mentions? Do you follow a vata pacifying diet in winter and pitta pacifying in summer? I’m just finding it hard to follow this protocol. How strict should I be with this? Thank you! 


Lauren: Hi Stephen, Thank you for your great podcast. It is my go-to. You may have already discussed Magnesium but, I was wondering if you had a preference. I have heard good things about Life Extension magnesium citrate and Pure magnesium Glycerite. I generally want to take magnesium for overall health as well as for my back pain and heart health. Can you please advise? Thanks


Wellness Catalyst: Love your posts and podcasts. My question is “Is a liver and gallstone flush necessary and if so what protocol do you recommend?” You probably already covered this but what protocol do you recommend for a child with severe eczema? Thanks for including that book review on Friday, great minds seem to enjoy similar things including books! Many blessings, your contributions are greatly appreciated- 


Belinda:  Hi Stephen, I just got back from India, Mysore where I have completed a month long 200h yoga teacher training. While it has been an amazing experience, I feel it has also left me broken. We had approximately 3-4h yoga per day which wasn’t the problem but we were probably sitting cross legged at least 2h per day for meditation, pranayama, etc on the floor as well and on the last day we did 108 sun salutations (quite proud I managed to get through that). Anyway, my knees hurt really badly and my wrists hurt as well. Nothing is visibly swollen and I can walk and jump without pain. It’s when I sit down or want to do sun salutations at home that there is this this point when I bend my knee that I have excruciating pain. Been given an oil by an ayurvedic doc which I use, but doesn’t seem to cut it. The ayurvedic doc also said I should eat a lot of ghee to lubricate my joints as I am predominantly Vata +++ Kapha ++ Pitta +. This is all great and I do believe in Ayurveda, but I am worried that eating ghee and turmeric won’t help. Another important thing to mention is that once my body seems to have warmed up i.e after 12 rounds of painful sun salutations, I’m fine, pain free and can then continue. Then it hurts again afterwards. I will give my body some rest, but also don’t want to lose muscle memory. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks so much! Belinda 

I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s Q&A and all the tips added in along the way!


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