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HouseCall: China Study, Probiotic Recommendation, Parasite vs. Candida, Cellular Detox, Best Food Sensitivity Test

Welcome back to our 2nd Cabral #HouseCall of the weekend!

We have 5 more amazing community questions, so let’s get right into them:

Cassi: Hi Dr. Cabral – thank you so, so much for providing all the knowledge and information you share with is and most of all for free. It is so inspiring to see a person do something for the better of society and not only to make a “quick buck.” My question is regarding the book The China Study. I know you reviewed this a long time ago, but can’t find which episode and was wondering if you could re-review. I’m currently reading the book and just want to know what you think and if every study in it seems trustworthy, etc. Thank you!

Aleks: Hi! I was wondering if you had a good probiotic recommendation on the market? I’m a student and need to be smart about my purchases 🙂

Taylor: Hi Dr. Cabral, I so enjoy your show-it fuels my passion for continuing healing for my body. Through testing it has been shown that my body has the need for Mercury detox, I hve mineral difecency, parasites, and Candida overgrowth. I feel unsure of what would be the first thing to go after and then what would be next and so on. I know that sometimes going after one of these things before the other could be pointless because I am assuming there is an order. Can you help? Thanks! Taylor

John: Hi Stephen. I regularly listen to a podcast called the Ben Greenfield podcast, where Ben interviews experts, doctors, etc. He recently brought on a top detox expert named Dr P. Doctor P talked about most detoxes being ineffective and how you have to detox the cell in order to have a true detox.

Jordan: Hey Stephen. I had a question about food allergy testing. I’ve heard from various doctors, like Chris Kresser and others, who believe Cyrex Labs uses the best method for testing for food allergies. I am just wondering if you’ve heard of Cyrex Labs and your personal opinion on it. Thank-you

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s HouseCalls and I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow on the Mindset & Motivation Monday #CabralConcept show!

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Show Notes:

Parasite Protocol

Candida Protocol

Heavy Metal Detox

HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test for heavy metals)

Clean Gut Probiotic

Daily Probiotic Support

Food Sensitivity Test (at home blood spot lab)

China Study (book)

Dr. Cabral Detox

Daily All-in-one Support Shake (The #1 recommendation in my practice)

Daily Fruit & Vegetables blend (22 organic fruit & vegetables “greens powder”)

Run a Functional Medicine Test

Candida/Bacterial Overgrowth, Leaky Gut, Parasite & Speciality Supplement Packages

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