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HouseCall: Auto Immune Low Thyroid, Mucus Production, Stop Running for Weight Loss?

Today starts the first edition of the weekend 2nd back-to-back Holiday weekend #HouseCall!

I’m looking forward to answering all your questions today so let’s get started:

Erika: Hi Dr. Cabral – Thank you so much for your podcast. It literally has changed my life. I have been taking your daily greens and have grown to love it as a part of my daily morning routine. I am currently in the middle of your 7 day detox and also can’t say enough good things about the daily nutritional support formula. Tastes great! Since being diagnosed with Hashimotos earlier this year… I have seen two endocrines who weren’t a good fit for me, and continued to increase my medicine. I ended up with TSH levels starting at 7, and getting down over the last months to 0.02, 0.015 etc. I am 30, super fit, all my vitals are in line, and i eat healthy! i refuse to have to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life – especially since over the last 2 years it hasnt helped me feel any better! I have started to see a holistic doctor who came highly recommended, who also has his medical doctorate degree. He told me i could stop taking my T3 and T4 (which is what i REALLY wanted to hear)…. but prescribed me LDN & Lithium. With regards to LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) – I have done a ton of reading and I think i am comfortable taking it. He has me on 3mg, and i am only starting on half that amount per day so far. What are your thoughts on LDN?? With regards to Lithium, I am having a really hard time coming to terms with taking it. 90% of what i am reading online terrifies me, and so did the pharmacist when i picked up the perscription. I do not have bipolar disorder. The doctor i am seeing tested my lithium levels, and they were zero. He feels that lithium is a natural thing to take, and things the low dose of (150mg/day), is for supplemental purposes. However when i read about it online, i read it can cause manic episodes, interfere with my fertility, and even cause me to have hypothyroid! What is your opinion on taking low dose Lithium as a supplement for better health? Seriously cant thank you enough for your podcasts, your supplements and for answering our questions!!

Phillyus: I really enjoyed your tongue diagnosis show (TWT-311)! I have a question on the same subject that I didn’t hear you cover during that episode. What does it mean when I create a lot of saliva in my mouth? Many thanks!

Jeovanni: I love to run, but heard you say it’s bad for me. Should i stop completely? I want lose weight, but can’t afford to join a gym and running seems like an easy thing for me to do everyday to lose weight. Please help. Thanks you!!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to tune back in tomorrow for 3 more Q&As!

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