Cabral Concept 302

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HouseCall: Sluggish Colon, Free Online Workout, Scalloped Tongue, Asthma Relief

I’m excited to bring you 3 new community questions and one free workout program download today!

So, let’s get right to them – Here are the community questions for today’s Cabral #HouseCall:

Carol: First, I started listening to your podcasts a couple months ago and love them and really appreciate that you take time out of your busy schedule to do this. I listened to your constipation podcast yesterday on Colon Cleansing: Colonics vs. Enemas vs. Powders vs. Teas. I think you mentioned you were going to do another podcast on constipation so I thought I’d send my question to you to see if you can help. I have had chronic constipation for as long as I can remember. Even as a young girl I remember having stabbing abdominal pain. I’ve been to many doctors. Some have patted me on the head and sent me home, some have told me to eat more fiber and/or take fiber. Fiber doesn’t help. I eventually went to a Holistic doctor and he recommended that I take Magnesium. Finally something that got things moving! Unfortunately, I have to take pretty high doses (800-1200mg) every night and even that doesn’t guarantee that I will have a bowel movement the next day. I don’t know if people realize how uncomfortable it can be to not have a bowel moment for days and/or weeks! Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!

Carolina: Thank you so much for the Holiday Workout PDF! I was one of those people that only did cardio because I thought it was the best way to lose weight or stay in shape. But then I started training with weights after listening to your podcasts. I’m still an amateur at this so this is tool is a great help. Please keep them coming! Thank you Dr. Cabral, I am so glad I found your podcast!

Michele: Hi Stephen Cabral, I’ve noticed the sides of my tongue appear ‘scalloped’ I’m wondering what might be causing this, and what I can do to fix this. I looked up some causes online but don’t feel I fall into any of these categories. I don’t have HBP or thyroid problems, and I’m not dehydrated. I am in very good health and I exercise 3-4 days a week. Thank you for any information you can pass on to me. I love your podcast! Warm regards, Michele

Mike: Hi Stephen, I’ve been suffering from asthma for as long as I can remember. However in my late teens/ early adult years, asthma seemed none existent for many years. Then all of a sudden it came back and I’ve been suffering ever since. Cold weather, smoke, stress, being around animals all seem to bring on an asthma attack. So does working out, however when I work out for a long period of time, that seems to help. Any recommendations on what I can do to control it better or get rid of asthma all together?

Thank you for tuning into another week of the #CabralConcept – I appreciate you!

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