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HouseCall: How to Put on Weight/Muscle, German Fatigue, Teenage Constipation

The weekend #HouseCall is here!

This weekend I’ll be revealing a lot of information and methodologies as to how I practice natural medicine and help people with the healing process…

So let’s get started with the community questions!

Alex: Hi Dr. Cabral! I listen to your podcast every day, and have learned so much since I’ve started, so thank you. I’ve asked a question before, but I’m back for another! Through messaging on Instagram, someone reached out for tips to eating healthier when their ultimate goal is to gain muscle. Most of my posts are of healthy foods, but he was interested in tips for getting a higher quantity of foods, while still eating foods good for your body. I’ve also stumbled upon the hashtag #IIFYM (if it fits your macros), and it sometimes contains things like Pop-tarts, chips ahoy, candy bars, etc, just because it fits ‘their macros.’ I know one of the olympic weight lifters is vegan, so I know a more plant based diet when building muscle is possible, but I was wondering if you had any tips. I told him I wanted to reach out to an ND and would love to share your website and what you have to say with him. Thank you!! Alex

Christine: Dear Dr. Cabral, first let me – as a long time listener from Germany – thank you for your great podcast! You do a fabulous job! I have a question about energy level, tiredness and exhaustion: I am 40 years old, married, no kids. With 5,5ft and 108 pound I am a little underweight. I suffer from low energy as long as I can remember. In the mornings I wake up exhausted, even though I get 7.5 – 8hrs of dead-like sleep. In the evening after work the only thing I want to do is resting on the couch. No going out, no meeting friends, let alone party for me! I am just tired all the time. So much so, that some evenings when I sit for dinner with my husband I do not even know if I am awake or sleeping. My whole appearance, my pale skin, my eye circles, my disinterest in fun things, my difficulty to work with concentration shows empty batteries. Two days a month I am additionally knocked out with hormonal migraine, but that only as a side note. I think my eating habits are good: I have a green smoothie with lin- or chia-seed and a scoop of protein powder or a budwig-cream (quark, flaxseed oil, millet and fruit) for breakfast. For lunch I have a homemade salad with toppings like avocado, seeds, nuts, cheese etc. and a self baked whole grain bread. In the evening I mostly have vegetables with some source of protein like chicken or fish or tofu. I drink one cup of coffee, the rest of the day only herbal tea and water – hardly ever alcohol. I don’t like sweets or salty snacks, except for dark chocolate every now and then. I am not the sporty type but at least I bike to work2.5 miles each way the whole year round. A blood work I got done in spring didn’t show any abnormalities, like a lack of minerals or vitamins or any signs of thyroid imbalances ( I have Morbus Hashimoto in my family, so I thought maybe I have it too, but no signs of it in my blood) All this leaves me at the end of my wisdom. Do you have any idea what I could do to not be tired all the time? Thank you so much in advance for any tips or hints. Best regards, Christine

Madelin: Hello my name is Madelin I have a 17 year old daughter. She suffers from constipation constantly I’ve given her colon cleanse properties prune juice a lot of other things I don’t know what to give her any more she can last up to 4 days without using the restroom please help

I hope you enjoyed today’s Q&A and all the tips thrown in along the way!

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