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HouseCall: Keto Diet Myths, Alkaline Water, Estrogen Dominance, Fall Smoothies

It’s time to get started with today’s first edition of this weekend’s Cabral #HouseCall!

Here are today’s community questions:

1. Suzanna: Hi, Thanks for all your invaluable info. I’m a personal trainer and listen to your podcasts using a lot of your advice to help my own clients. I was listening to 4th Nov podcast about juicing where you mentioned the ketogenic diet. You said you don’t agree with it long term and that you don’t use it for more than 3 weeks with your clients. Would you please elaborate on this and tell me your reasons. I ask because firstly I thought it took more than 3 weeks to actually get into nutritional ketosis so wondered why you stopped the diet so soon and secondly. I myself have been eating keto for 2 1/2 years. My blood has recently been checked and my thyroid, liver, kidneys, blood sugar is normal. I had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy 3 1/2 years ago, gained 10kg and the only way I could lose the weight was by doing keto. If I eat carbs I’m the form of sweet potatoes, carrots, apples ect I find it very very difficult to stop eating. I also get bloating, constipation and just feel horrible.


2. Dan: Good Afternoon Stephen, Thank you for taking your time to share your knowledge on your podcasts. I have always wondered about water. Two thirds of our body is made up of water. What is the best type of water to drink? There is purified by reverse osmosis with minerals added which is the one I think is best. My Chiropractor tells me I should be drinking Kagan water which is Ionized Alkaline water. There is Mineral water, Spring water, and distilled water. What about tap water with a Brita or Pure filter? Please offer your insight to which type of water would give our bodies the hydration that it will operate best with. Thank you.


3. Sonya: Hello, Thanks for putting out such informative podcasts. We listen to you all the time. We recently learned about DIM to help with estrogen dominance and how it helps to and I would really like to find out what your thoughts are. Also, if this is something you recommend, are there brands you recommend? Thank you so much in advance. 


4. Elizabeth: How do you detox in the fall when juicing / smoothies are your enemy and all you want is soup?


Enjoy today’s Q&A and be sure to check back tomorrow for another 4 community questions!

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Show Notes:

> DIM (High estrogen blocking supplement recommendation)

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