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HouseCall: Elimination Diet, Bloating, Supplement Timing, Back Issues, Toe Nail Infections

Welcome back to another Cabral HouseCall weekend!

Today we’re taking more calls from the community and we’ve got some great questions today!

So let’s get started:

Rebecca: Hi Dr Cabral, LOVE your podcast. Thank you so much for all of the helpful information you provide. I have several questions I’d love to ask but here are my top 3 for now: 1) What are your thoughts on digestive enzymes? After trying the GAPS, low FODMAP, and other elimination diets as well as probiotics, digestive enzymes are the only thing that have helped with my bloating/distended stomach. It hasn’t cured me of it  but it has significantly reduced it so that it doesn’t occur every day. 2) Have you heard of Longevity Coffee, and if so, do you recommend it?

Donna: I’ve recently been introduced to your podcasts and I’m finding them timely, informative and enjoyable. I’m having a particularly challenging time right now, from all directions. This evening, as I was having a pity party, your podcast popped into my head. I gave myself the “10X” test and reminded myself to 1. be thankful that things aren’t worse and 2. to focus on creating positive change. My question about supplements is something I’ve wondered about for a long time…when is the optimal time to take them…morning, midday or before going to bed?

Erin: Hi! I’m 26 yr old female. 2 years ago I got in a car accident that burst fractured my L1. Ever since I have not felt the same and all doctors have done is prescribe pills that block pain receptors. I am struggling with intense leg spasms almost every morning. They last 10-30 seconds and is very painful. It has not seemed to get better even with working out and occasional stretching. I eat a lot of potassium which only temporarily helps. Maybe one day and the muscle cramps are back. What can you suggest?

Anonymous:  Hi Stephen, I have a toe nail infection in both big toes and both toe nails have now come off. Is it unsual to have both toe nails infected? I don’t know how or why this happened. A new nail is growing underneath but I am not sure if the infection has gone. What is best to treat this, I have read topical oregano oil may be good?

Enjoy the show and be sure to tune back in tomorrow where we answer 4 more and completely different community questions!

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