Cabral Concept 258

Today’s Cabral Concept is here!

FR: Zero-Calorie Drinks, Become More Flexible, Best Energy/Protein Bars

It’s already Friday and I’m looking forward to bringing you my weekly review of the best books, supplements, research, and all things wellness, weight loss & anti-aging!

We’re starting off today with a brand new research study that just came out last week reinforcing the idea that even diet soda or zero calorie drinks can still pack on body fat and prevent us from losing weight…

Then, I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite book companies for exercise and stretching techniques – They make it really easy to follow along and get results in the real world!

And finally, I’m always getting asked what I recommend for energy, snack, and protein bars, so today I’ll present you with my two current favorites!

Enjoy #CabralConcept 258 and have a great start to the weekend!

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Show Notes:

> Glucometer (test your blood sugar)

Raw Crunch bars

Greens Whey Crisp Bars

Stretching Anatomy Book

Dr. Cabral Detox

Daily All-in-one Support Shake

Fatlossity Diet Plan

Run a Functional Medicine Test

View All Speciality Supplement Packages

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