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HouseCall: Capsules vs. Powder, Prostate Growth, Carbs for Women, Magnesium Oil Burn

I’m excited to be back with our 2nd Cabral House Call of the weekend!

Right now, we’re going to answer 4 of your questions on:

Chad: Is it a good idea to empty out contents of vitamins/supplements that come in capsule form, into say a smoothie, rather than consume the vegetarian capsule itself? Thanks so much

Erika: Hi Mr. Cabral, My Dad just recently had a “growth” on his prostate which he had surgically removed. “it wasn’t cancerous” so he thinks he now has nothing to worry about. I am sure a growth is a sign of an unhealthy body and more bad new to come? Is this true? He needs to know this was a sign to change his ways, and is very stubborn in changing his diet. He does eat red meat weekly and just recently stopped consuming cows milk. Please help is persuading him to realize this was a sign. And do you see it as a precursor to cancer from past experience? Is there anything else you recommend? Thank you for all that you do! Erika

Tara: Is there a certain amount of carbs women should be eating every day, even if they’re trying to lose weight? I’ve heard that you should stick to under 50 grams of “healthy” carbs for weight loss and none of those from grains or beans, but then I’ve also heard that women in general don’t do well eating under 100 g a day, because of cortisol and adrenal factors. What does your experience tell you? Is it fine long term to eat only non-starchy vegetables for carbs, with no grains/rice, beans or legumes? Thanks!

Chloe: So I started using pure magnesium oil spray and I got an itchy sunburn like feeling from a few sprays on both arms and legs. I couldn’t wait to wash it off! Apparently this reaction could mean a magnesium deficiency, wondered what your take is on this and should I stop using it? Thanks Stephen!

I hope you enjoy the community Q&A and all the tips thrown in along the way!

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