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TWT: Do You Have These Symptoms of Leaky Gut?

When I first heard about and was diagnosed with “leaky gut,” it wasn’t given any real merit by conventional medicine. It was considered a made up, natural medicine myth or ailment…

Now, 20 years later it’s not only mainstream medicine, but they’re actual giving people fecal transplants! It’s funny how allopathic medicine always has to take it to that next level ; )

On a more serious note, leaky gut (intestinal permeability) is actually very important to understand and discuss. And it’s so prevalent in today’s world, that on today’s #CabralConcept 248 I’m going to list the symptoms you may be suffering from that typically are caused by leaky gut root cause issues…

Don’t miss today’s informative show how what is leaky gut and why everyone is now talking about it – enjoy the show!

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