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FR: Change Your Behaviors, Combat Stress & Anxiety, Kettlebell Innovation

After sifting through some amazing books I just read this week, as well as looking into “what’s working now” in my Boston practice, I wanted to bring you our #FridayReview!

The book I found this most interesting this week is a short piece on how we can actually predict our behavior and our outcomes based on the habits we choose on a daily basis. It’s a very interesting read on how by using certain questions & triggers we can begin to achieve things in our life we never thought possible…

Next up, I want share with you a fantastic nutritional supplement that calms anxiety and stress, while inducing deep relaxation. It’s great for day-time stress reduction, or even taken before bed to get into a deep restorative sleep…

And last, but not least, I found a product that combines 7 kettles into 1 to save you money and space, while still being able to get in a great home workout!

Tune into #CabralConcept 244 for all the details and reviews – enjoy the show!

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