Cabral Concept 238

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HouseCall: Chronic Ear Aches, Late Night Workouts, Distended Stomachs, Skin Firming Creams

We’ve got a great group of community questions lined up for this weekend and I’ll be tackling the first 4 on today’s #CabralHouseCall!

Here are our questions for the day:

1. Aimee: How do you get rid of chronic ear aches/infections?

2. Teresa: Should I still eat after my workout even if I don’t finish until 9:30pm?

3. Elizabeth: How do you get rid of a distended stomach that is not caused by bloating?

4. Dee: Can you recommend a natural and vegan firming/anti-aging cream? Or a homemade recipe for one?

Enjoy the Q&A and all the tips along the way!

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Show Notes:

> Skin Tightening Coffee Scrub

> Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

Dr. Cabral Detox

Daily All-in-one Support Shake

Fatlossity Diet Plan

Run a Functional Medicine Test

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