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FR: The Disease Delusion, D2 vs D3 Supplements, Best Alarm Clock Ever

I’m back with another #FridayReview and today I want to share with you a fantastic book on Functional Medicine, as well as clear up some misconceptions on a popular vitamin!

Functional Medicine focuses on more than just the symptoms you are experiencing when you suffer from a chronic health condition – It instead looks at the underlying root cause keeping you from becoming well again… Today’s book talks about this healing process in more depth!

We all know vitamin D is crucial for our overall health & wellbeing, and you’ll see many of your processed foods fortified with Vitamin D2, but is that really the best form for you to utilize and absorb?

And lastly, I’m doing my final recap on the most popular alarm clock that actually simulates the sun rising to wake you up – no more air raid sirens startling you out of bed!

Tune into today’s #CabralConcept 237 for all the details – enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

> Wake Light (mimics sunrise with birds chirping)

> Vitamin D3 Nutritional Supplement

> Food based Vitamin D3

> Disease Delusion (book)

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Fatlossity Diet Plan

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