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HouseCall: Body Odor, Apple Cider Vinegar, Acne, Female Hormones, Steroid Side Effects

We’re back with a brand new Cabral HouseCall answering your questions from the past week!

Check out today’s question & answer below:

(Anonymous): 1. Does your body odor directly correlate with your diet? If I cheat, I find I have bad smelling armpits/breath is this related?

(Anonymous): 2. Do you recommend apple cider vinegar in your water daily? Bad for teeth?

(Anonymous): 3. What supplements can I take to help with my acne?

Lisa: Hi, I start everyday listening to your daily podcasts. I’ve learned many valuable things so thank you! I am a few years into my autoimmune, adrenal fatigue, female hormone recovery and one thing I don’t hear very often is what actual numbers should optimally be whether it be female hormones, thyroid, adrenal numbers. Sometimes I would like to order tests on my own but don’t feel confident reading them on my own. I am 51 and still going through menopause.

Cristie: What is your take on steroids and the effects on the body?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s HouseCalls and please feel free to leave your own question and I’d be happy to answer it on an upcoming show!

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