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WW: Have You Been Punished by Rewards?

After hearing a story the other day about how a child at daycare was being given Skittles (candy) as a reward for good behavior, I knew I needed to share this with you…

When food is provided as a reward for doing “good work” or behaving in a certain way that the parent/teacher is looking for, it begins hardwire the brain in a way that looks at food now as something beyond just fuel for the body…

Food has now become linked with being “good,” and “feeling good.” This can set children (and adults) up with lifelong emotional and mental struggles with using food as a means to comfort themselves…

This reward system concept can actually be applied to anything and does not have to just consist of food as the reward…

Tune into today’s #CabralConcept 228 as I explain the research behind this psychology, which comes from an amazing book called “Punished by Rewards.” I’ll also show you how to break the cycle and live a healthier life, both physically and emotionally!

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> Punished by Rewards (book)

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