Cabral Concept 225

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HouseCall: Peanut Butter, Female Hormones, SIBO, Grass-Fed Milk, Personal Question

We’re back with our last Cabral #HouseCall of the weekend, so let’s get started with this week’s final questions!

Reagan: What “all in one powder” do you recommend? 2. Peanut butter … Good or bad for you? 3. Any suggestions for dealing with a hormonal imbalance

Chloe: What is your take on Atrantil for sibo? And other than using L-Glutamine how would you cure a leaky gut?

Terry: In episodes 185 and 218 you make it clear that you are against dairy and if we want to have milk make sure it is from grass feed cows. Is full fat yogurt or full fat kefir from grass feed cows any better than milk from grass feed cows or should all dairy simply be avoided?

Keith: Are you the same in person as you are on the podcast?

Enjoy the Q&A and all the tips along the way!

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