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TWT: Is Toxic Water Weight Making You Sick, Swollen & Overweight?

One of the most overlooked causes of weight gain and wellness issues is toxic water weight…

Toxic water weight is what I refer to as the end product of what your body does to compensate for toxins in the blood that the liver can’t keep up with detoxifying…

With over 77,000 man-made chemicals in the environment your body can get overwhelmed and as a result toxins are forced into your adipose tissue (fat cells) which cause those cells to swell…

Although this keeps your blood cleaner by pushing the toxins into your fat, it does cause a swelling of your cells, which makes you look and feel bloated, puffy, and swollen…

It’s also why when I have people in my private practice go through my Dr. Cabral Detox system they say they feel like someone “deflated them…”

Remember, it’s not always about eating less and exercising more. Your body is far more intricate than that and often times there’s a few more layers of the onion to peel back before you find your answer…

But the good news is there is always an answer!

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