Cabral Concept 202

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FR: Fire Cider, Sore Throat Remedies, Fit for Life, Glucometer Review

After recovering from about 5 days of a limited speaking voice, I’m back with a fun #FridayReview!

Today, I’m talking about simple natural remedies for a sore or inflamed throat, as well as a 25-year old book that holds a few secrets as to what the majority of our foods should contain for optimal wellness…

Plus, I review an inexpensive piece of equipment that can allow you to test your blood sugar and see if you’re in the healthy “Fat Burning Zone.”

Enjoy the #CabralConcept 202 show!

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Show Notes:


> Fire Cider

Fit for Life (book)

Dr. Cabral Detox

Daily All-in-one Support Shake

Fatlossity Diet Plan

Run a Functional Medicine Test

View All Speciality Supplement Packages

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