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WW: When Diet & Exercise Isn’t Enough to Lose Weight

Since half of my practice is helping people that have struggled to lose the weight finally drop the pounds and inches and keep it off permanently, I wanted to share with you what we do when diet & exercise isn’t enough…

For the most part 9+ out of 10 people will easily lose the weight on our #DrCabralDetox and elimination diet protocols that focus on whole foods, anti-inflammatory nutrition, as well as our metabolic workout programs. But, every once in awhile we need to look at deeper issues that are preventing someone from losing the weight…

In today’s #CabralConcept 193 show, I look at the possible causes for why diet & exercise may not be enough to lose the weight and what to do about to ensure you reach your healthy weight loss goals!

Remember there’s always an answer – Enjoy the show!

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