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FR: Nobel Prize Winning Discovery, Doctor Yourself Book & Food Matters Documentary

Today’s #FridayReview is dedicated to the science & art of Orthomolecular Medicine, which is just fancy talk for using vitamins and nutritional supplements to heal your body!

I started studying this type of medicine about 10 years ago and it was at that time that I realized in some difficult to treat health & weight loss cases food alone was not going to be the answer…

The reason for this is that when the digestive system becomes too weak and the gut has become too imbalanced and inflamed people cannot adequately absorb the proper nutrition from the foods they eat – even if they’re organic and whole foods.

At this point the best way to heal is to give the body building blocks that it needs to begin to repair itself. As a doctor it is not my job to tell the body how to rebalance itself, however it is my job to give it everything it needs to return to proper function, as well as remove the toxicities from it that hinders it from efficiently become well again…

To learn more about Orthomolecular Medicine and how nutritional supplements can heal your body, be sure to check out today’s #CabralConcept podcast!

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> “Doctor Yourself” Book

> “Food Matters”  Documentary

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