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HouseCall: Health Certification, Hormone Balancing, Documentary Review, Estrogenic Foods, Nursing Supplements

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today’s questions:

Kelly: Hello Cabral Team,Hope all is well with you ! I’m Just wondering if you take on any mentors or accept students into to integrative learning programs who are not practitioners. Listening to your podcast are fuelling my fire/passion for proactive and preventative health. I love all the facets of being human, mind body and soul but also the interactions within every living thing on this earth. I am often overwhelmed on where to begin, being pulled into many directions because well everything is so diverse. In hopes to create a solid foundation, with someone whose ethos I can jive with and have come to respect in great awww. I thought maybe I could start here, put it out there and see if you offer any training or mentorships programs…. or maybe point out a good place to dig my first step into the ground and gain some traction to transform my inner passion into out outside world.Keep on being brilliant and humble! your open mindedness, depth of knowledge and emotional intelligence and that simple love of sharing with others is something special… One of a GREAT kind in my eyes… But ehhh that only my perspective.Shine On Kelly

Genia: Hi Dr. Cabral. I am a level 1 student and enjoying your IHP Study Program immensely. You are so thorough. Love the details. Spending a lot of time on Module 4 because the whole hormone, female, nervous system – HORMONES – all speaks to me. I had adrenal fatigue and thank gd did the work to feel better via great nutrition and pacing myself with a yoga practice – kundalini that gave me a calm ritual to practice while I was gaining my strength back. I have so much to share but fast forward… in 2017 I went forty obgyn pap smear and found a cyst on left ovary…. treatments, surgery and I’m BRCA 1. Very onto of my game and doing the work. Thank gd over and over again i’m feeling great and moving on… teach yoga, healing and now have more info to share and teach. I want to do the detox and tests. I am writing here because I need more specific guidance. I don’t think your IHP team on FB are comfortable to answer my questions. Waiting for support to work with. Should I do the Thyroid Adrenal Hormone test and 21 day detox? I eat pretty clean and juice and smoothie daily. Love your protocols. I do need more guidance, though to keep clean and toxic free and maintain my health. Thank you so much. I love being your student. Forever grateful to you, your vision and team of shining lights. xo

Darrel: Hey Dr Cabral. I watched the docu film “The Game Changers” recently and it espoused the virtues of a plant based vegan diet over a meat based one. I know you went over most of this several times on your podcast and I’m most grateful for that. However, I don’t know if there was an agenda but they were pretty convincing in their arguments that a vegan lifestyle has no drawbacks in strength, endurance and actually boosts sexual performance (erections) & testosterone levels. Can you say if all this is true and if it’s recommended for a vata body type to go vegan plant based? Is it true the Meat industry paid athletes, film industry and doctors to advertize their products and tried to present their own dubious research that meat is best and plant based diet is weaker? As always keep up great work.

Christian: Good evening Doctor Cabral. “The Game Chanhers” documentary just debuted on Netflix and it refuted a lot of myths I believed. But you’re my go-to source to confirm these things. Growing up we heard soy increases estrogen levels in men but they claim soy merely has phytoestrogens, compounds that look like estrogens but can actually have the opposite effect, blocking some of our bodies’ estrogen receptors and preventing real dietary sources of estrogen from taking hold. They went on saying the foods that contain estrogen are really chicken, eggs, dairy which can have a significant impact on our hormone level. Is there any truth to all this or is there some very convincing agenda? For example could I do soy protein shakes now without worrying about testosterone? Sorry for long question. Thanks for everything, great show!

Malinda: I just had my second baby, she’s 7 months now and I’m 37 years old. I noticed in the past month my skin has gotten very dry and scaly. I was anemic while I was pregnant and took iron supplements, which I currently am taking now. Also my thyroid was just shy of the lowest normal range, which my midwife said wasn’t low enough to be a concern. I take Vit C, Zinc, Calm magnesium, liquid Folvic minerals, chlorella and algae DHA . My iron supplement (NaturesPlus Hema-Plex, Sustained Release – 85 mg Elemental Iron, 30 Vegetarian Tablets) has many other vitamins and minerals as well as several B- Vitamins. Would one of your B-Complex supplements help my dry skin?I adding the DHA and extra flax and chia seeds in my diet, still dry skin. I added liquid Iodine that helped a little but still dry. My question is which of your supplements can I get right now that would help support dry skin for someone who’s body is stressed out from the demands of nursing 24/7 and interrupted sleep? Also, would a LAB test be recommend, which one would be the best as doing all of them is a bit too much for my wallet? Are you still running a lab sale? PS. I’m a regular podcast listener and if its in your scope of knowledge it would be great to include any variations to your answers and topics discussed for Pregnant and Breastfeeding mamas since our bodies and hormones are different then non pregnant women and I’ll be breastfeeding for the next year and a half, that’s a lot of podcast!

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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