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WW: Should You Do an Intestinal Cleanse?

Doing a “cleanse” seems to be the talk of the town lately and they’ve certainly grown in popularity since celebrities starting using them a few decades back…

But did you know that cleanses have been used for thousands of years? In Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Greek medicine we see thousands of documents showing their recommendations and successes…

Most people could greatly benefit from an intestinal cleanse, as long as they are doing it safely and effectively – And, as long as it is a short term protocol. (It’s important that your bowels do not begin to rely on a laxative instead of your own natural intestinal movement.)

Tune in today to the #Cabral Concept podcast to check out the details of what I recommend in practice, who intestinal cleanses are best for, and what products I feel are safe to use…

Enjoy the show!

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