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TWT: Histamines, Hives, Itchiness & Urticaria!

Allergic reactions inside the body are one of the most under diagnosed causes for many of the health issues people are suffering from…

The reason they’re often missed is because your body doesn’t always immediately react to an allergen or “pathogen” that’s invading your body. Often times the histamine reactions build up over days and it’s only then do you see symptoms.

If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, hives, food sensitivities, environmental allergies, migraines, headaches, fatigue, reflux, digestive difficulties, skin issues, or any type of inflammation I recommend you check out today’s Cabral Concept podcast!

Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

> IgG Food Sensitivity Test

> Adrenal Hormone Test

> Dr. Cabral Detox

> Daily All-in-one Support Shake

> Fatlossity

> Run a Functional Medicine Test

> View All Speciality Supplement Package

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