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HouseCall: Arnold Ehret, DNA Results, Length of Time to Heal, Balancing Thyroid, Bartonella, Leaky Gut Dis-Eases

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Dar: Hi sorry you may need the entire podcast for these questions lol. 1. Thoughts on Arnold Ehret you must have read his books 2. Had bells palsy awhile back about 5 months ago once in awhile when I’m tired I have a weird eye twitch that I only had since then but all my other symptoms subsided after 2 weeks, crooked smile ect. What do you recommend? I take b12, magnesium, thyroid support, omega, and zinc. Fruits and veggies powder. 3. I feel pretty good but want optimal energy what do you suggest for that? I workout regularly. Just want to feel optimal. Once in awhile I feel tired and once in awhile optimal energy but want that to be consistent.

Cindy:  Dr. Cabral, I have had and still have many questions, but I don’t usually stop to write them down. Last week in speaking with my husband I said, “Dr. Cabral has been my greatest mentor.” He knows me well as he said, “Maybe you should tell him.” So truly Dr. Cabral, I started listening to you in early 2017, I have read your book, and on my health passion endeavor, you have been my greatest mentor. Thank you.In 2018, I completed the food sensitivity test and the DNA testing. During the consultation, you briefly questioned why I did these tests first. I already knew it would not have been your path of tests to complete, but I feel very passionate to help my family. I know you can only help those who want to live a healthy life style. Meaning, if my DNA has indicators that could help my Dad and sisters, I wanted that information (and got it). I could not ask all the questions during our consultation, because as we went through it, my heart broke for my Mom, who passed away from Fatty Liver Disease in 2009 at the age of 67. I felt as though everything on the DNA test could have been my Mom’s test. I know it was not, but I definitely had some emotions to work through. So, I think you should consider giving the report to the client a day or so before the consultation. That would have benefited me, for sure. OK… I am APOE2/E3 …. does this give any indication on one’s Ayurvedic body type?  I am some combination of Pita / Vatta, but I am curious if there is any correlation between the two. Thank you for all you do.

Cindy: Dr. Cabral, Again, I have read your book, shared many of your shared wisdoms with my 4th grade students, and listen to your podcast daily. Thank you for taking your hardship and building a beautiful story that blesses others. I do have a request… on the House Calls, even if you have covered the information, could you please, please, please …. give a summarized answer (and give the episode one could go back to)? Question: How long do you think it would take for an average person’s labs, lets say the big 5, to come back normal, all within range, if the person did your CBO protocol, Heavy Metal Detox, Mold Protocol, 4 Detox Protocols a year, Level 2 or 3 Daily Protocol, and lived a healthy lifestyle?

Cindy: Dr. Cabral, I am still in search of my Root Cause. As a “health detective,” I think it was gluten pushing my rain barrel throughout childhood. As a child I would always get tonsillitis once or twice a year. They were removed at 18, and a few years later I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I started medication (levothyroxine) and had virtually no symptoms for 20 years.  At that point, everything went wrong, but I was pushing my body (working on my educational dissertation) too hard, with little sleep. For four years during this time, I also lived in and worked in a Mold house (now my daughter also has issues, but not my husband or son). Within a 2 year period, I started taking 5 different medications.  Upon finishing my educational goals in mid 2016, I knew I needed to focus on my sleep patterns and health.  In 2017 I stopped all medications besides the thyroid medication and a daily allergy pill (which I have tried eliminating those as well). Two days without the allergy pill, I am a sneezing mess (yes, histamine issues). There was a cost in stopped the medications: I crashed. But, I got up! Slowly. I did NOT want to cover symptoms; I now want to feel, so I know. Exercise is important, but it could sure take my energy for a day or two. I am feeling much better, but I still don’t know my root cause. I don’t want the energy crash to happen. If I eat gluten, a small one still happens, but not like before. What I know: My body does not digest Gluten (DNA). Food Sensitives: wheat, gliadin, dairy (slow metabolizer of caffeine… so it can make me feel anxious with too much) Thyroid antibodies: Present, but both in the 30s (only tested after removed gluten and dairy, mostly) Big Helps for me: 2016 Sleep focus of at least 7 hours (but I don’t get much Deep Sleep, according to my Oura ring) 2017 Removal of Gluten and Dairy 2017 Adding about 6 mg of Iodine Daily (now I can go longer without it, but then I would crash with 1 day of skipping it) 2018 Added liothyronine (T3 drug …. due to High Reverse T3 = 29…) 2018 Daily Coffee Enemas for 12 weeks: I felt completely renewed after 10 weeks. Now, I use weekly. 2018 I could run without crashing, if I would ground (literally, putting my body on the grass for several minutes) after a short sprint. 2019 Red Light Therapy with Platinum LED Bio 900 mixed bulbs and a full body I-Vibration Pro Plate. I know your Magnesium, Zinc, mentholated Vit B, and Vit C – continue to help me (and I will always supplement these); but the items above, I know, I felt the push towards health. My question: How do I get to my root cause? How do I know, so I don’t repeat the same mistake? I don’t know if I will ever get off the thyroid medications, and if my thyroid is damaged (working to get an ultra sound), I am ok with taking medications. But the truth is, I think my thyroid is coming back to life! My medication dosing is crazy now. After taking 175 mcg of levothyroxine for a decade, I know take 88 mcg; but, it keeps changing. I am doing a lot, working towards, no… living healthy. I want others having this similar struggle to have that list of “big helps for me” – maybe it can help them too. Again, My question: How do I get to my root cause? How do I know, so I don’t repeat the same mistake?  Thank you. Aloha & Blessing to you.

Cindy: Dr. Cabral, What would cause pain in the bottom of the feet and behind the knees, specifically behind the knees when in bed? When I first started taking the Citricidal drops, the knee pain started. It doesn’t happen often any more. However, the bottom of my feet hurt when I start walking. The tops will sometimes get terrible cramps (I use Essential oils on it), but it can be painful. I have had the pain in the bottom of my feet for years. But, when I see each of my sisters (5 girls) get up from a seated position and start walking, I notice the struggle in each of us! I’ve read about Bartonella, both causing pain in the bottom of the feet and hurting one’s thyroid. What do you think? Thank you again for all you do. Aloha & Blessings to you. 🙂

Sonny: Have you or your team ever come across someone suffering from Type I – Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Testicular Cancer, and finally Multiple Sclerosis, 2 Auto- Immune Disease?


Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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