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HouseCall: SIBO Lab, Cosmetic Procedures, H. Pylori Protocol, Detox Enemas, “Hashis,” ASD & Anxiety, Best Whey Protein

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Virupa: Hi, Im a 26 year old female from the UK. I recently discovered Dr Cabral’s podcasts and the rainbarrel effect through Melissa Ambrosini and I’m so grateful for all your wonderful work! I’ve just completed my first year of foundation training as a doctor and I’m fascinated by functional medicine, Holistic medicine and alternative medicine as they really are the answer to many chronic illnesses.  I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago. I’ve been suffering from terrible bloating/gas/belching and chronic constipation for a few years. I also suffer from chronic anxiety and insomnia, and PCOS. I keep my stress levels under control by exercising regularly, doing plenty of yoga and meditation. Diet wise I eat plenty of vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and eggs. I’ve recently eliminated diary and gluten. Given my GI symptoms above could I have Candida/bacterial overgrowth? I haven’t really used antibiotics, birth control, Advil or consume alcohol in excess however I feel it could be a possibility given my symptoms? I was wondering how sensitive and specific the organic acids tests is for diagnosing SIBO? I was also wondering what else the organic acids test could tell me about my health given the symptoms/conditions I have listed above? Kind regards, Dr Virupa

Tanisha: Hey Dr. Cabral. Are there any real serious drawbacks from someone doing cosmetic procedures whether it be minor aesthetic stuff like Botox & face lifts or plastic surgery where fat is removed and body is contoured. I know I am wrong & selfish here but I’ve worked hard & ate right for my body for years while some of my friends were being sloppy even when I encouraged them to train. A couple got procedures and it admittedly looks great, now the others are exploring that option and I can’t honestly tell them to chose the exercise/diet option instead because procedures are more appealing. Forgive me, but is there any info you have that I can give them or is this the way of the future and we should accept it? Even one told me her husband did penis enhancement procedure. It’s crazy in my opinion. Sigh. Anyway, love your show, I’m trying to put friends on it.

Sigrid: Hi there, i was diagnosed with H-Pylori. I would like to clear it out using a more natural method instead of going the antibiotic route (as i have tried it before and didn’t last more then a 1.5 days). Can you please tell me which products i need to purchase to start on Dr. Cabrals program for H-pylori.

Jody: Hello! I’m working with Dr X doing the X Program (I believe he has taken your courses and has turned me on to your podcast). I’m entering the 5th week of program which is 1st week of detox. (2 week X detox)Do you feel using enemas are safe? I have trouble moving bowels and frequently use enemas. I’m especially concerned during detox phase and don’t want to miss a day of elimination.  Big fan- thanks for what you do! Jody

Richie: Hi, I have been diagnosed with Hashis in March. TSH 40. My dr thinks I was hypo for some time. I’m on 150 mg syntroid per day. Is there any benefit to prolonged water fasting to cleanse my system. I’m currently 60 pounds overweight. Would a 10, 20, 30 day water fast, followed by AIP diet help? Could it possible cure my symptons? I continue to suffer from Brain Fog, mood fluctuations, letargy. Recently my scalp has become irritated. Thank you. Richie

Kerry: Hi Dr,  Would you ever use adrenal “Adrenal Soothe” support for a 5 year old child who has ASD and high anxiety?  If not what would you suggest to support with high stress. We are already looking at underlying issues and doing your parasite protocol and will follow up with CBO after. The main goal I have is to reduce stimming as it is impacting my child’s schooling. Thanks Kerry

Darrel: Hey Dr. Cabral. Quick question. In your early podcast days and your Guide to muscle and Strength book you would’ve recommended whey protein. Has that stance changed since then or is it still safe to use? Even though it’s cow based does it go through a different process (like ghee) to not be considered harmful like dairy? If that’s the case, what types you suggest? Keep up good work


Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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