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HouseCall: Sinus Headaches, Foul-Smelling Gas, Sharp Pain in Head, Stressed to Max, 9 Amalgam Removals, Wake Up Stiff

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Judy: I’m hoping you can help me! I suffer from chronic headaches – one per month that last for 48 hours. They usually occur around the same time each month. They used to be more spread out – maybe 2-3 per year. I was diagnosed years ago with sinus headaches – had an MRI done which did not show any signs of anything sinus related. Then the Dr said migraines and to avoid red wine, cheese, etc. That didn’t help. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and get massages regularly thinking it may be spine or muscle tension. But they keep occurring. I have had two babies in the last 3 years so I know nursing has made my posture terrible – along with sitting at a desk working for the last 16+ years! I even went to a neurologist 2 months ago and that was a joke! I listen to your podcasts and really love the information you provide to your listeners. I’m hoping you can help me!

Daniela: Hi, First, I’d like to say I am so grateful that we have you! Thanks for all you do. I did the starter kit lab tests about one year ago or so. I had high levels of mercury and aluminum and the organic acids test showed no clear signs of candida or bacteria (but the health coach did say there were some backup markers indicating possible yeast or bacteria). So I did the Equilibrium Nutrition Heavy Metal Detox in October 2018, followed by the Intestinal Cleanse and Clean Gut Probiotic. I noticed that pretty soon after I started the HMD, I started having foul-smelling gas, which was very rare for me. It has been about 10 months or so and I find that I still have foul-smelling gas quite often. Any ideas what could be causing this?  Thanks!

Savana: Hi dr. Cabral. I Love the podcasts, I listen to them almost every single day! Question for you…I’ve been getting these weird head pains. Out of nowhere ,a very sharp pain and pressure will hit like a lightning bolt. I do get headaches and migraines as well but these pains only come one at a time and are quite painful. I get them probably 5-10 times a day. I havnt had a head injury so I’m not sure what could be causing this…any thoughts? Thanks

Anonymous: LONG Question warning: I stopped birth control April 2018, after 10 years consecutively taking it, and went from May – December without a cycle and in December had 2 barely noteworthy cycles. I haven’t had one since. Overall symptoms below, both before stopping the pill and after. I have been traditionally allergy tested (skin prick) and am allergic to basically everything outdoors (trees, grass, weeds, pollen). I have been since birth. Plus beef, pork, dairy, mold, mildew.  I was retested last year and have developed new allergies to pineapple (biggest reaction), peaches, goat, cabbage, squash, cantelope, and rice but only mildly. I got tested because for the last 6 years before that avocado killed my guts. These new allergies do not react respiratorily, they just make my guts feel like they are twisting in knots for HOURS. It doesn’t move along quickly in either direction. It just sits and hurts. I didn’t test for this but now almonds, walnuts, and quinoa are doing the same thing. But not 100% of the time I eat them. It’s so hard to do an elimination diet when it constantly changes.  My regular annual blood work shows that my cholesterol and other numbers seem to be improving with my regular exercise and whole food nutrition diet. I did have super low Vitamin D-OH Total (results were 25) and was on a weekly 50,000IU for 1 month and now take 1,000 IU per day. My Phospahte as phosperous was high but just on the top of the recommended range 4.6. TSH is around 1-1.5 between the last two years. MCV this year was 99. Sodium 142. Creatinine 0.93. A/G Ratio 2.1. ALT 26. Iron 186. B12 733. Fasting glucose 79. Calcium 10.2 Magnesium 2.2. Albumin 5.1. I emailed my bloodwork to your support email.  I am almost positive I have either thyroid and/or adrenal issues, leaky gut or something, but I can’t afford to test right now. What can I do? Symptoms:  Insomnia fall asleep ok, but wake up a lot Restless all the time at night discomfort  Fatigue, I feel heavy eyed all the time even if my brain won’t shut offBrain fog Memory problems Low sex drive (problem for at least 10 years)Hair falling out, breaking, brittle eyebrows thinning dry skin/dry hairRinging in ears Hands and feet always cold Lack of excitement, I don’t even have hobbies anymoreInability to lose weight in lower body. Like I look skeletal in the chest and my upper body but my legs are very heavy tree trunk looking still. The mass/weight will not budge.  Look at food and gain weight, eat one bad meal and gain weight even thought I eat well the rest of the week.  Abdomen bloat under muscle, not much fat to pinch but I can see a distension.  Dry skin cracking around mouth/lipsAmenorrhea Mood irregularities  Can’t handle any stress it sets me off, the smallest things literally enrage me Dizzy upon standing from a crouchFood cravings/binges Sugar crash even if only a little (I don’t eat sugar anymore so maybe I am just sensitive now? But I can’t even enjoy a treat without a wicked crash)Tmj  Varicose veins in lower half Bunion Anxiety / pounding hard but not fast, but I can see and feel it in my neck Allergies Sleepiness even awake mentally

Jessica: Hello Dr. Cabral. I wanted to start off by saying that I am so excited to be a part of your IHP level 1 and 2 training programs. Before i ask my question(s) let me start with a brief background of my current challenge. I have been on the fence for quite some time now. I have 9 amalgam fillings. I want to take them out before having my second child but am afraid to disturb them preconception. My now almost 5 years thankfully is fine . I breastfeed for 2.5 years and I am afraid that as these amalgams fade they will continue to leach and I am afraid of conceiving again with them in. I am worried for both mine and future baby’s health. Keeping them or removing them preconception. Ihave received varied opinions from Natropaths, Functional medicine doctors (that I trust) and my dentist who happens to also be a biological dentist office. I am a researcher and I have done a lot of research and couldn’t come up with any compelling evidence that shows no harm to baby if amalgams are taken out before conception, however know how unhealthy it is to keep them in. I also listened to your Cabral Concept on Amalgam Fillings.  I now consider you one of my go-to sources and would so appreciate your guidance. Thanks again for all of your great work. You and your work are a true gift! Jessica

Kerry: Hi Dr Cabral,  I wake many times durning the night feeling stiff and uncomfortable, I usually roll to my other side or to my back and get back to sleep quickly only to wake again later. I also wake most mornings with a dull headache. What could be causing this?

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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