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HouseCall: Zeolite Spray, PCOS Revisited, Small Polyp, Best Natural Birth Control, Children’s Heavy Metal, Black Walnut Hulls Substitute

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!

Carey:I’m hoping you can share your opinion on advanced Zeolite spray for detoxing. Thanks!

Shivani: Hi Dr Cabral, I have a question for your podcast please.I am 25 with pcos and endometriosis, i’ve been taking berberine for the past 9 months but I have heard it isn’t advisable to take it long term. I am scared to stop because it is supposed to be antimicrobial so i’m scared i will develop breakouts if i stop? I hardly get the flu ie once in the last 3 years!Whilst this is convenient, does it mean my immune system is on overdrive from low level inflammation?  Lastly whenever I take calcium d glucarate i notice a correlation with under eye bags – do you know the connection? Please help! You are seriously the best and I am forever grateful for the efforts you go to for others!  Kind regards,  Shivani

Jackie: Dear Dr Cabral,  I wanted to say Hello and a big thank you for your wonderful podcasts and your resource of information available. I’m currently reading , The Rain Barrel Effect and finding it super informative and can’t put in down. I needed some advice on a Uterine polyp,  I very recently had a check up with my gynaecologist and she discovered a small polyp (around 5 millimetres). I was concerned if this may cause a problem for my health and fertility down the track? Im 35 and would like to have a family in the next couple of years.  I try to live a clean lifestyle, I don’t drink, eat a plant based diet, try to avoid process foods, exercise regularly, steer away as much as possible from chemical use in my home and on my body, I’ve never taken the pill and are not on any medication. I have a regular cycle each month. What would be the underlying cause of this issue? A possible hormonal in-balance?  I’m not currently able to get testing through your clinch as I’m based in Germany. But what would be my next step in terms of treatment, or supplements if needed. Many Thanks Jackie

Kerry: Hello Doctor, Can a child (aged 5) complete the Heavy Metal Detox? Is there a lesser dose they should have of each supplement? If the protocol is not suitable for children how would you go about helping a child detox heavy metals?Looking forward to hearing your response. Thanks Dr Cabral!Regards Kerry

Neeks: Hey, Dr Cabral. Great show as always. Just wondering in your medical experience what would you say is the best form of birth control for a woman. I understand each has its pros & cons and many can alter hormones and what not. Out of the available options can you say which one or two in your opinion is effective and has the least health drawbacks. Thank you. Looking forward to your response

Tori: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am very allergic to nuts (I go into anaphylaxis upon ingestion), but I suspect I have SIBO or Candida overgrowth. Would love to take your SIBO/Candida protocol, but noticed it uses black walnut hull. Are there any alternatives to the protocol? Or anything I can replace the black walnut hull products with? Hoping there is another supplement I can use to remove the SIBO/Candida.  Thanks so much for your help and for everything you do!


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