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HouseCall: Psychedelic Mushrooms, Barrett’s Esophagus, Pyrrole Test, Pear Shaped, Heavy Legs, Pus Filled Bumps, Aging Aches & Pains, Muscle Pump Supplements

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today’s questions:

Elise: Hello dr Cabral! I recently discovered this podcast and I absolutely love it! The past few months I’ve been hearing more and more about people doing psychedelic mushrooms and having positive mental/spiritual effects. I have always been very sceptic to everything that effects my brain and that is out of my control, but it peaked my interest. I know they have been commonly used in rituals in many ancient cultures, especially in South America. I just wanted to get your thoughts on the matter. Do you think that it could have a positive effect? (of course it has to be organically grown and from a good source). What are the potential side effects? Thank you in advance!

Rosie: Hi Dr Stephen Cabral,I am Rosie, from south -Africa-I am currently studying your IHP course level 1,2 but have a situation with my husband regarding GERD, Barrett’s esophagus and acid reflux PPI.My husband swallowed a camera and got his results back that he has Barrett’s and his dad has this done 7 months ago and had the same results. His dad had an operation done and I am trying to get my husband to not “just cut out” as the recovery is weeks of a liquid diet ect and you can never vomit again if ill… my husband is 34 and weighs 117kg he needs to lose weight, he struggles badly with leaky gut specially feels the effects of gluten with bloating and I am sure he has a bacteria overgrowth. I am putting him on your meal plan for weight loss to loose the weight first.Please could you guide us into the right direction.Do you know of Labs that can be done in South Africa? Our exchange rate is very bad and would love to run labsThanks so much, Kind regards Rosie

Samantha: Hi Stephen, I love your podcasts, thank you for providing so much amazing insightful information. The rain barrel effect in one of my Favourite reads. I think it should be in every library world wide !My question is – what do you think of the Pyrrole test ? Is it important ? What sort of conditions can it pick up ? I have had anxiety and depression /mood swings for many many years. Going back to my teenage years , which was over 20 years ago. A friend suggested it might be worth me having the Pyrrole test. Thank you and can’t wait to hear your thoughts

Kelly: Hi Dr. Cabral! What advice do you have for individuals with lipedema? I struggled to lose weight in my heavy thighs/bottom half for decades- eating extremely cleanly, starving myself, severely restricting calories, and eventually resorting to bulimia because of my extreme pear shaped body. Then, I discovered there is a condition called lipedema that makes it impossible to lose fat in these regions. Apparently, the only reliable “treatment” is liposuction. Please help!

Kristen: Hi Dr Cabral. Reading your book and listening to your podcasts has really helped me understand a lot of my health dis-eases. One problem that I have been facing is heavy legs. It all started after an intense SIBO & parasite protocol and I believe my detox pathways were not well supported. I began to gain weight after a stressful time. That winter I had horrible depression, fatigue (only 2,000 a day) really cold, and could hardly climb stairs. My thought is that my lymphatic system started to get clogged. I have brain fog and developing varicose veins, but i also have all sorts of gut infections and mold toxicity. Someone told me it could be from hormone imbalances (have that too) or else from the mold. My thyroid is optimal now from medication, but still have the heavy legs. what could it be from, and what could i do? Thanks!

Matt: Hi Dr.Cabral, I’m writing in for about my friend’s condition. He’s not into alternative medicine and a holistic approach to health yet so I was hoping you could shed light on a starting point for his illness. He has pus filled bumps on the back of his head. Some as large as a nickel and they don’t seem to come to head like an average face pimple. From a far it looks like he’s balding with little patches all over his head but really they are these pus filled bumps. He is currently taking accutane with results on body and face acne but not for his head condition. Any thoughts on what might be causing this or what tests should be done to find the root cause

Lawson: Hey Dr. Cabral. This is the best podcast ever. Quick question. Many of my peers, coworkers, family, online strangers tend to complain about knee and back pains when they’re approaching the age of 30. Some were never involved in sport or got injured. They just feel pain. Is that part of the so-called aging process? I am 34 years old suffered injuries from sport, but I am currently without any pain or joint issue. Is there anything I can do from your expertise to avoid the niggling pains they’re going through or is it inevitable? Is there anything I can recommend to them to alleviate their plight? Keep up great work

Darron: Hey Dr. Cabral. Are there any drawbacks from using the supplements l arginine, l-citrulline and beta alanine for training purposes? Also are there benefits to using them for persons who don’t train but are otherwise active like my dad who’s 61. Keep up great work Doc


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