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HouseCall: Hodgkins Lymphoma, Stomach Issues for Life, Marijuana for Healing, Emotional Flushing, Hormone Testing, Massive Bloating Issues

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Sue: Hi Stephen, I live on the Sunshine Coast in QLD Australia and have been following your podcasts for awhile now since Melissa and Nick had you on her show etc. You are amazing and I will do your course in the future but at the present my 24 year old daughter is going through a journey with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. She was diagnosed in 2016 when she was 21 and started ABVD chemotherapy. She completed 2 rounds and her PET scan showed it had reduced 75%. She then decided to heal naturally. She did that for 18 months with a naturopath and did vitamin c infusions, hyperthermia, colonics,coffee enemas, juices, supplements etc. After 18 months it had increased and she had to have a rod put in her hip down her thigh prior to chemo as the cancer had eroded a chunk out of her femur. She did 4 cycles of ICE chemo and had her stem cells taken for a transplant in the future. She went into complete metabolic remission but relapsed 3 weeks later so they ditched the idea of using her own cells and chemo and she went on Brentuximab immunotherapy. Did 6 cycles of that. It started reducing but then increased so is currently on Pembrolizumab which showed it was reducing but the latest scan showed a slight increase in the node in her neck and while her body was stable in the last scan there is now one tiny lesion back in her spine. They are talking radiation for her neck but with no guarantee that it wont come back. I think we need to find out why her body isn’t healing with your help if possible. We have limited funds so maybe we could start like you did with your healing and start with a couple of tests first with your recommendations. I hope this gets to you. I wasn’t sure if this is the correct way to contact you. Have a great day Kind regards Sue

James: Hi Dr. Cabral, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and trying to help as many people as you can. I was recommended to you by a friend who had bad anxiety and after doing your detox and CBO protocols, you have changed her life.I apologize for the long store but here is a quick background on me. I have had stomach issues throughout my life which spiked about 5 years ago after a night out drinking too much. After 9 months of seeing doctors, losing 26kg (57 pounds) due to everything I ate made me sick, and barely being able to leave the house, I was told I had helicobacter pylori and a retrovirus by a naturopath. He was able to fix me within 3 months and I haven’t had many stomach issues since then, except for some strange food sensitivities. About 1 and 1/2 years ago I was on a plane and had a panic attack out of nowhere, I’m not afraid of flying so this was strange for me. Even after a few days the anxiety remained and made it hard for me to go to work and get on a bus (because it reminded me of a plane). I am an equity research analyst so I like to research things. I started to try and work out what I had introduced into my life that may have caused the anxiety to come on, as the only time I had experienced anxiety before was from taking something I shouldn’t have (drugs) or too much pre-workout. I realized that the only thing I had changed was I had introduced Dymista 125/50, a steroidal nasal spray, due to being highly allergic to dust mites. I then started to research the correlation of this an anxiety and found a few forums with hundreds of people having the same issues as I was. I then started to focus on studies and came across a few that found that steroidal nasal sprays can cause the deregulation of Cortisol production and the HPA axis. Then after researching high cortisol levels, I found that many of the symptoms of high cortisol, I had. I went to the doctor to get tested and of course, it came back in a safe range as it was a blood test and only once during the day, not capturing my circadian rhythm. However, my blood sugar was very high and she was concerned I was getting diabetes. I wasn’t surprised by this as I thought that the Cortisol/Insulin correlation would be causing this, do you agree? Furthermore, I am unable to eat any sugar (including fruit) because it makes my anxiety much worse. I additionally can’t have coffee and cocoa anymore because it increases my anxiety but not instantly like I have experienced before if I had too much caffeine or pre-workout but 30 min to 1 hour later. Is this because they are raising my already high cortisol levels? I decided I needed to get my cortisol properly tested so I did the DUTCH test, which as I expected showed I had extremely high cortisol levels, with my other hormones generally in the normal range. Before being recommended to you, I had seen many naturopaths and specialists that have given me many different supplements to try and help my anxiety and lower my cortisol but nothing has helped. I also have noticed that the 4 times I have supplemented with vitamin B it has increased my anxiety. Due to this, I thought maybe I had MTHFR so the last naturopath tried methylated vitamin B and folic acid but this only made me worse after about a week.  After listening to your podcasts, helping my friend, and hearing that you had similar issues yourself, I trusted you would know how to help me. Due to a shortage of money and already doing the DUTCH test, I decided to start with the 21-day detox, which I had to stop after 1.5 weeks because my anxiety got a lot worse, which I assume was caused again by the vitamin B in the shakes. I was fine for the first week but after that, the anxiety came on a lot stronger, which is what has happened the other times I have had vitamin B. I have now just started the CBO program as this is what helps fix my friend with her anxiety and I thought maybe my anxiety is being caused by all my previous stomach issues in the past, although my stomach hasn’t gotten worse since my anxiety started. However, I know that your stomach plays an important role in the production of neurotransmitters. I am also taking your Adrenal Sooth and CBD oil, although the CBD oil hasn’t seemed to help which I was surprised by after researching it. I feel like the Adrenal sooth is helping a little but I have only been on it for 3 weeks and I know that it will take time to lower my cortisol. My question is, if the anxiety doesn’t subside after finishing the CBO and gut healing, what should be my next steps as I feel like I would have done everything possible and using your right supplements and protocols? Also is it possible for you to give an explanation of what you think maybe wrong with me and what is causing the anxiety and high cortisol?

Amy: Is marijuana okay to be used while healing? We live in a state where it is legal so I see a lot of people who use it.  Anxiety seems to be the number one reason my clients use it. Is this allowed or does it stop the healing process?

Luann: Hello, Dr. Cabral! I am a 51 year old woman who has been experiencing hot flashes for 4 years. I have followed the recommendations in your hot flash podcast 968. In the past 6 months, I have completed the 21-day detox, the parasite protocol, the CBO protocol / CBO finisher, the heavy metal detox, and deep sleep protocol. I have been following the DESTRESS protocol and trying to reduce the stress in my life. I take the Daily Foundational Protocol Level 3, thyroid support, estrogen balance, adrenal soothe, magnesium, zinc, CBD oil, B complex, vitamin C, and vitamin D. The frequency and intensity of my hot flashes have greatly reduced, but still occur approximately 4 times / day. I notice my hot flashes often coincide with an emotional response such when I feel embarrassed, shame, worried, or made a mistake. They decrease when I am taking better care of myself, having a lower stress day, and when I am on vacation. Could you please explain in this HouseCall or in a future podcast why hot flashes occur. What are the physiological mechanisms in the body that bring them about? What are the deficiencies and toxicities that lead to hot flashes? Do histamines have anything to do with hot flashes / flushing? Why did you have hot flashes / flushing when you were sick at 17? My 15 year old son heavily blushes whenever he is embarrassed. His blushing began when he was 13 and started to go through puberty. Is blushing like this the same as hot flashes? What do you recommend I do to help my son reduce or get rid of his blushing? Also, do you have any additional recommendations for me? Thank you!

Jody: Hi there, I’m from Australia an am looking at starting somewhere with the Stephen Cabral tests or wellness plan. Just deciding on best first step for me based on my budget and what to prioritise first.  I currently take a natural thyroid extract 97.5mg and have been taking thyroid medication for around 8yrs. I’m also taking DHEA, and Indoplex (for estrogen balancing) along with other vitamins etc. I try and eat gluten and dairy free but can still have suffer from stomach issues so I am keen to try the food sensitivity test to get some clarity on what foods to stop eating. Could you maybe recommend a good starting point for me on a lower budget? Or am I better off saving until I can afford the “Big 5” tests which saiid amazing. Also my doctor says I won’t be able to stop taking thyroid medication ever – is this true? Thanks so much for your time,Kind regards,Jodie

Harmony: Hi Stephen, Firstly I would LOVE to thank you for everything that you are doing, I listen to your podcast most days and have learnt so much from you 🙂  I do however, have a question (or story) for you and feel like you may be my last hope of finding any resolution.I suffer with IBS-C and bloating + (abdominal distention) daily. It feel that it has become more problematic and prevelant post kids (I have twins who just turned 7yrs old).I am extremely frustrated as I have tried every diet under the sun (except histamine which is next step). I have followed FODMAP for quite some time with minimal relief. I have seen naturopaths, nutritionist, doctors, gastroenterologist, dieticians and have just finished a 21 day Panchakarma with my Ayurvedic doctor. I was very disheartend with my Panchakarma detox results – I literally felt no difference, my bloating was constant the whole time and I was still getting consitpated (having to take coloxyl & movicol) … until a little relief from the 5 days of enemas. I have low Agni and was undergoing the Panchakarma for a Vata imbalance, although the reason for going was to discuss my IBS. I have a Vata-Pitta Prikruti. I guess I was even more so disapointed because I have done a lot of study in Ayurveda and believed in this system, it was my last hope. (Plus I actually put on 1.5kg doing it!!!).Post Panchakarma I was talking with my naturopath friend who suggested my bloating may be because of Histamine intolerance which made sense to me as I have always associated my more server bloating with my hormonal cycle, in particular at ovulation and then again when i menstruate. She suggested I tried the anti histamine diet however I feel that It will just be one more diet I restrict myself on with little changes or will not be able to stick to it long term.My background:Physically fit, I train 5 days per week (it was 6 but cut it down or will just do yoga or pilates on the 6th day). My training consists of running, Muay thai boxing, 9 rounds, Pilates, Yoga, Spin, Body weight exercises & light weights.I am a registered Nurse but have cut my shifts down to 1x week as I teach multiple Yoga & pilates classes per week as well as run workshops & retreats. I also run a small business (activewear label). I feel that I should be 2kg lighter then what I am considering the exercise and clean diet. I put on 1.5kg from the Panchakarma!!! so know im probabaly 3.5kg over weight, I know that doesnt sound like much but I am only 162 cm, now weighing 59kg and for me that is uncomfortable (I feel that i retain fluid) & then I get the bloating daily on top of all that. It has been messing with my mind as there is sooooo much conflicting information out there and I feel that i have tried it all with out any sustainable success. All the ‘diets’ contradict each other and limit really healthy foods (for some).I am sooooooo confused!!!! PLEASE HELP ME. I want to live my life without having to worry about packing spare cloths for when the boating kicks in and I can not fit in to my pants or top at the end of the day… I actually have stopped going out in the evenings. I want to get back to a confortable weight for me and a flat tummy, minus thge occassional mood swings too. Thank you 🙂

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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