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HouseCall: Systemic Enzymes, GERD, Mononucleosis, Body Transformation, Saccromyces Boulardii, Hot Flushes, Oily Skin

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Nicole: Hey Dr Cabral,I have to start with saying thank you for putting all of your work out into the world, you’re doing great work and I’m loving IHP level 1 & 2! My question today is about systemic enzymes. My partner has had a lot of surgery in the past and was asking about them, I’d love to know your thoughts on them. How they work, if you believe they are effective and maybe other alternatives if you think there are any. Many thanks from New Zealand

Rudy: Hello Dr Cabral. My brother has been dealing with GERD/acid reflux for most of his life. He is 31 years old and about 100lbs over weight. when he was in his early 20’s he had ulcers in his throat that were caused by his acid reflux. They were successfully treated by a Gi specialist with nexium and diet change. The diet change basically lasted for as long as it took to heal the ulcers then he went back to his old ways. Recently he has told me he is quite sure he has them again. I’m encouraging him get a scope and make sure it’s not anything more serious but to then to go a natural route and to change his diet. he is a chef at a restaurant that doesn’t serve the healthiest food and this also makes it hard for him to not eat all the time. He also has late hours,high stress,out of the norm meal times and the lifestyle of a chef which involves a good amount of drinking after work. What, if anything, can he do to heal these naturally along with a diet change? He’s convinced he can’t heal them without a Rx but if there was Anything along with diet change that you think would would work I believe he would be willing to try it. Thanks for doing what you do, you’ve changed my life I hope you can help change my brother’s.

Judy: What is your protocol for someone with mononucleosis

Hunter: Hey team, I am beginning my wellness journey after find Dr. Cabral through the apple podcast app and getting a copy of the Rain Barrel Effect. Love the content! My symptoms are aligning up with thyroid and adrenal issues, but we will see what the labs say! I purchased a daily protocol level 3 because it is a protocol I have been looking for for years. I also plan on purchasing the big 5 labs, and a detox package at the end of the week. With this being my first detoxification, I am inclined to purchase the 21-day detox to start fresh, however, I am already a relatively skinny guy and a hard gainer at 6’5 ~205 pounds and ~ 20% body fat. I am worried that losing upwards of 15 pounds, I would look too skinny and look like a bobblehead. My end goal is to lessen my overall body fat with detoxification, or elimination diet (~15%), find total mind-body balance with the lab testing and build enough muscle mass to remain in a 210-220 weight range. I have no desire to be in bodybuilding physique, however, a strong, clean, athletic build is what I am after. My fear is dropping down to 190 and not being able to recover to a higher mass size that I am after with a vegetable-based diet, but I have also never tried. At 23, with my hormones balancing out, the additional weight could be added in muscle mass within a few months of resistance training. Why? – In the past, I have found that people treated me with higher regards, relationships were easier, and a rise in overall confidence when I am in this stature. Currently, at an out of shape 205, I don’t feel the same connections with others. Hard to explain, but easy to see and feel. I am a former college athlete and believe my athletic performance peaked around my sophomore year with size, strength, and skill. As a pitcher, my velocity was the highest it had ever been. I then began to notice a decline even though the intensity remained relatively the same. Over two seasons my velocity fell from career-high numbers around 88-90mph to well below 80 mph my senior year. Still relatively healthy, no major surgeries or procedures, just tendonitis, and inflammation occurred. I am working with a physical therapist to work on my muscle imbalances at the moment, but I have to imagine the toxicity in my mind and body played a significant role in my performance decline. My sophomore year, hard work seemed fun, I looked forward to difficult tasks and completing them. I was in uncharted territory for myself because I had never felt like that before. Where now, they seem more of a burden and the drive is not as present as it used to be, and I want to correct that. I have realistic expectations that this shift will require some hard work and drive, but part of me imagines that I will be more inclined to do so when my body is in balance. Issues of anxiety, depression, low mood and lack of ambition have begun to spike over the past few years in ways they have never done so before. I have always felt like I had low testosterone for my age, and after listening to a few podcast shows and hearing all of the many ways this could have happened, I am now inclined to take back my body and begin living well again.  With this being my first detox, should I complete a 21-day detox or begin to complete 7-day detoxes on quarterly bases all while making lifestyle changes to reduce stress?  Thanks for the content and supplementation. I look forward to working with your team through my wellness journey

Karen: Hello, I have recently completed a food intolerance test which showed a mild intolerance to yeast. Would this include an intolerance to Saccromyces Boulardii? Thank you for all your knowledge sharing and wisdom. Your podcasts have changed my outlook on life and health. Thank you

Shae: Hi Dr Cabral, I absolutely love listening to your podcast, you are a gifted presenter and make understanding information really easy! My question is about menopause. I want to know how to re-balance my body to stop hot flushes and night sweats. I am a healthy woman in my early 50’s, with no stress other than menopause and have been having flushes for 7 years. Soy oestrogen supplements help the flushes but at the cost of digestive upset, so I stopped them. Vitex helps all other menopause symptoms like dryness and I have no anxiety/depression, but have put about 10 pounds with no change in diet. I do intermittent fasting and now have no morning appetite and have noticed my metabolism has also slowed. I am not sure really what to do as the night sweats can be extreme, waking me up all night. One final strange thing, is I always get a big flush upon waking, day or night, even though I have just been sleeping and relaxed. All the literature I have read says its from hormone withdrawal, and I know in Japan for example they don’t suffer from flushes, but what can a western women do without resorting to bio-identical hormones, which I feel are still HRT! Thank you in advance, I appreciate you!

Jay: Hi Dr Cabral, Since coming off the contraceptive pill 2.5 years ago, my face has become very, especially around the nose, it also looks like I have oil coming out from my nostrils which I find very weird. This had made me feel self conscious. I haven’t managed to get the cause with naturopaths, apparently my hormones now all look normal. I do drink 1 cup of coffee a day, do you think this contributes? I have completed your 7 day detox twice and candida and bacterial overgrowth protocol as I have had abdominal bloating. Overall I’m fairly healthy, any ideas on how to reduce oiliness in the skin or what could be causing it. Thanks for all the work you do and your time! Jay

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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