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HouseCall: Asthma Reaction, Longevity Diet, Postprandial Glucose Levels, Binge Eating Triggers, Herbal Flatulence, Tube Ligation, Children & Mold

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Karyn: Hello, after receiving my OAT results earlier this year I have commenced the CBO Protocol. All is going well and i am into my 6th week,  however, I have noticed my asthma has become particularly bad during this time and I am having to take my cortico-steriod inhaler almost every second day.  I believe inhaling my cortico-steriod contributed to the growth of candida in the first place. Will the CBO work if I’m still taking this medication? And why do you think the CBO Protocol has affected my asthma in this way? I only developed asthma 6 years ago after moving to another city (in subtropical Australia) and getting cats for pets. I found out I was allergic to cats and found a new home for them last year. Is there something I’m missing if I’ve removed the allergy (cats) from my life but I’m still getting asthma flare ups on this CBO protocol? Should I cease the protocol until I’ve got my asthma under control? Thank you for you advice in advance, your podcasts have changed my life for the better and I love learning everyday from you.

Anne: I just read The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo and he shares similar views to yours on diet and longevity. One difference I see is that he recommends a 5 day fast, and that autophagy begins on day 3. I have also read other articles that say that autophagy begins after day 3. Curios to your thoughts on why you recommend adding regular food on day 3 of your detox and how your method compares to the fasting mimicking diet he recommends.Just a note that I have afib and are doing everything I can to avoid chemicals or ablation. I have completely changed my diet to vegan plant based, take supplements (magnesium, taurine, omega3, D3 and am planning to take more). So far went from 3-4 incidents a week to 1 a week. I thought fasting or detox might take it to the next level. Thank you for all you do! Your podcasts have been very educational.

Katie: Hi Dr Cabral, I’ve been listening to your podcasts (love it!) regarding blood sugar and know you are in agreement with other functional docs regarding fasting blood sugar and the range being good between 75 and 95. My blood sugar has been a bit high in the AM and have implemented your adrenal soothe and added carbs and now I’m in the 80s usually! So it seems to have been an adrenal issue? Anyway,now I am wondering how my after meal BS sugar is looking. I know you would like to see the fasting range two hours after but what about an hour after? I have recently read and article, written by someone I respect, that the goal is to not have your BS spike above 125 but is this possible with carbs? When I have a cheat meal I find that it goes into the 160s. And often it doesn’t come down to ideal range after two hours. This is the main reason I have stayed away from carbs and your OAT showed that I have done too much of this. The only other issue revealed was Candida overgrowth and I have not started the protocol yet. Id love you to weigh in! I am Vata type all the way if that help

Carrie: I have been binge eating for about 10 years now on and off. I feel like I’m so bored in life and constantly need to be ‘doing’. This binge eating is only thing that ‘calms me down’. I have seen many natural health practitioners about this but the binge eating is still there. Do you have any suggestions

Anonymous: I have a question about bloating, bad gas and peri-rectal dermatitis that started after finishing your CBO protocol (with citracidal drops) and starting the heavy metal detox. I performed the OAT, HTMA, and food sensitivities test before starting any of the protocols. I was told overall things look pretty good. OA had “mild” CBO and low vit C, HTMA high aluminum, Food sensitives only cranberries and candida as high reactors. Had a couple of moderate reactors that I rarely eat. I use the daily nutrition support shake along with several other of the equilibrium products (vit C, vit b, digestive enzymes, etc) but use a different greens powder b/c of the cranberry, just to give some background. I did the CBO protocol followed by the heavy metal detox per recommendations. After starting the heavy metal detox I started having extreme flatulence and bloating that would results in a perirectal dermatitis. What’s going on? Don’t get me wrong, I would occasionally have some gas before but never to this extent and these additional other problems.

Magaly: Hello Dr. Cabral. I’m pregnant with my third child right now and considering Tube ligation as a form of permanent contraception. I’ve been on the pill for a very long time and after listening to your podcasts no longer feel it is the healthiest thing for me to do. (Side note: since I did decide to come off the pill I became pregnant as a result )I want to know what your view point is and how it might affect or change my overall heath, as well as any better suggestions as a form of contraceptives.Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us.

Greg: Hi Dr. Cabral, Apologies for the long post. I’m desperate and in tears writing this and pray I can get your help. My 5 year old daughter has been having headaches, anxiety and sleep problems for about 2 years. We recently did an OAT, Food Panel and MycoTox test. Results show she is allergic to eggs and cashews, low on Vit C, all other gut function and markers normal. The mycoTox test was off the charts for Aspergillus, specifically Ochratoxin A at a 29.48, Gliotoxin levels in red as well at 950.27 and Aflatoxin-M1 at <3.50. Results also show Penicillum specifically, Mycophenolic Acid elevated at 10.15. We tested through and are working with a Pediatric Functional Medicine doctor, however she does claim not to be an expert on mold with kids. She gave us a protocol of biocidin, citrus pectin, vit c and liposomal glutathione as well as recommended inspection to eliminate source in homes and cars. In addition use citrisafe and borax. I found several of your podcasts on mold from the search feature and listened to all of them which they were super helpful. My question is can I also use your same mold protocol for my daughter? How do we find the source of the exposure? What inspection companies do you recommend and should I be looking for a certain certification? Could food be part of the mold exposure or is it for sure water damaged buildings and/or cars? If this happened to one of your daughters, can you give me step by step what you would do? I’m overwhelmed and my heart is breaking that this has happened to my little girl. Apologies for the long question. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and time.


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