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HouseCall: Skin Elasticity, Red Meat Recommendation, Whiplash, Dermatographia, Plant Based Meat, DNRS Training, Daily Fasting

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Isabelle: Thanks so much for your extraordinary work Dr. Cabral. I’ve been having hormone and adrenal issues for a decade that became at times debilitating around age 27. Since that time I began making radical changes in my diet and taking high-quality supplements. I have maintained a very healthy all organic diet for 5 years now, supplementing for adrenal, gut and thyroid health for the past 3 years. Starting from ovulation until a few days before my menstrual cycle my energy levels plummet and starting from a few days before my cycle, like clockwork, I lose water weight and have insomnia plus way more energy. I know that my estrogen levels are normal but dominant. I’m 32 years old and I’ve started noticing a rapid loss in the collagen in my skin and an increase in cellulite all over my legs as well as sagging skin under my chin and neck. The skin all over my body is aging stunningly fast which is strange considering how young I am and how well I take care of myself. What would cause such rapid aging of skin elasticity?

Christinna: Hi Stephen.I am such a huge fan of everything you do and I have also had a 3 mounth program with one of ur health coaches. I am a vatta and at the time my energi and Iron was low, i did all of the test, the thyroid adrenal hormoner and hair and tissue. So as she looked at the test, She suggest twise a week red meat. My quistions is, why? I am mostly vegan and all the pp. Around me. Says that meat is bad, i hang out with many vegans and I fell like such a bad person. I also want my girl to be vegan, yet my husband will not be vegan and I am just so torn and upset. I read all books on health, one half says i will harm my health if i dont eat a little meat and I don’t want to harm me, but even more my daugther. I am upset, because i dont want to support the meat industri. It is hurtig my marrige and I just want my girl to at least be able to know whats going on with the animals, but she is only 2.Please share some light. Kind regrad Christinna

Rick: Best podcast I’ve heard. Thank you so much for the info you share. My question: What can I do to speed up recovery of my whiplash?? My neck has been stiff and painful for over 8 MONTHS NOW!! It has affected my life in many many ways and while I’ve had slow minor improvement- I am still suffering. (Hit a pole trying to swerve around a car that abruptly stopped while) I’m afraid I might be dealing with this the rest of my life… I’ve tried acupuncture, many rounds of PT, Orthopedic, no help from GP, Neurology at MGH, mri and xrays show as “normal”. I’ve tried light exercises, heavy exercise, weights, cardio, rest… just can’t shake it!! Thanks so much for your help. I will be scheduling an appt in the near future with your team for other reasons as well.

Michael: I am 35 and I am struggling with dermatagraphia. It started 1.5 years ago after coming through a stressful time. I also got sick a couple weeks prior to first sign of issue. It noticeably spread, starting in my legs and over 10 days spreading over whole body. When it reached my face it flushed my face for a couple days so that I could not rest it even on a pillow. I have tried many things. Detox programs, 10 day juice fast, leaky gut protocol, a month of keto followed by a 7 day water fast. Nothing seems to help or make it worse. I have tried to identify certain foods that help or make it worse and can’t. I have no other issues and am otherwise healthy. Have not had any medication or even so much as an aspirin since I got sick before the issue started 1.5 years ago. Doctors just want to give me anti histamines, which I won’t take. It is much better now than at its worse point, but still anytime I get a scratch or bump my skin itches at a 20 on a scale from 1 to 10 and gets red. There is no swelling, just red and intense itching. It also only lasts for a short time. Starting about 20 sec from stimulation, intense itch red skin and then subsides within a minute or two if I leave it alone. Stress does make it worse, I feel like I am throwing darts at a dart board, need guidance.

Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral!  First off, thanks for all you do!  Second, I’m curious regarding your thoughts about the plant-based meat substitute. Would this be suitable to eat as I’m transitioning to more of a plant-based diet? If not, what plant-based meat substitutes would you recommend?  Additionally, how would you suggest I go about switching to a plant-based diet? I’ve been eating Paleo off and on for the past few years, but I feel like I’m having a hard time digesting meat now. Thanks so much!

Cath: Hi dr Cabral, What are your views or experience with either DNRS training? Specifically for someone with chronic health conditions (ibs/fatigue/hormonal imbalances/ candida/sibo) who has done all the necessary lifestyle and diet changes plus protocols for a number of years (including a page perfect de stress protocol) with recurring relapses.  Thank you !

Carey: Hi Dr Cabral, I’m in the IHP program and loving it! Thanks for what you do.I am a woman with Hashimotos who is managing it well with diet, exercise, self care, basically practicing the destress protocol daily.. I practice a daily 12 hour fast, occasionally pushing it to 13 or 14 hours. I’ve listened to all of your podcasts about fasting and ketosis… Is it best to practice a daily fast, sometimes intermittent fasting and pushing the time a little further, bring predominantly plants based, along with high quality proteins and fats, with Hashimotos? Is there a time you feel is too long for a woman with Hashimotos to fast? Just looking for some guidance on fasting, intermittent fasting, how it could affect a woman with Hashimotos… Thanks very much!

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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