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HouseCall: Eggs & Bacon, Lions Mane, Anti TG vs. TPO, The Real CBO, Detox Before CBO, Metal Fillings, Milk Thistle, Tongue Spots & Coating

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

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Jordan: Hi Dr Cabral. I am a collegiate athlete and so typically I train for 3 hours a day (2 hrs of sport, 1 hr of weight room stuff). How can I make sure I am getting enough calories in? I’d even like to build muscle if possible. I know you aren’t a fan of eggs and bacon first thing in the morning but taking a protein shake and a bowl of oatmeal only fills me up for around two hours. Should I start taking more protein shakes (although i get gas and bloating with whey)? I know there is some healthy plant based mass gainer shakes that use plant protein, gluten free oats, and organic maltodextrin, maybe i should try those? anyways, I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Christina: Dr Stephen Cabral, you are such an inspiration and I have gained so much knowledge from your book “The Rain Barrel Effect” and from listening to your podcasts.I came across a mushroom called Lions Mane. It had some supporting research on the positive impacts it has with Dementia and depression. My question is: have you read or heard about Lions Mane, and what your thoughts are on the effects of this mushroom. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Katy: Hi Dr Cabral! I recently became a nurse practitioner and have started with IFM certification program, yay!! I have a question regarding my own labs. My TSH is 3.1 FT3 is 2.2 FT4 1.1 RT3 is 10 TPO 17 ANTI-TG 928 I restested 4 weeks later and numbers were pretty much the same. I realize my thyroid is sluggish. I however have NO signs of hypothyroid except a little bit of stubborn lower body fat. I am 30 years old, have no medical history, I’m very active and eat a paleo diet 90% of the time. I somewhat acknowledge that I may feel better with a little thyroid hormone but Im not ready to start that at this time. My REAL question is ….. I don’t understand why my anti-tg is so elevated but TPO is not…. I am working to lower this to the best of my current knowledge. Can you explain why we seem to focus more on TPO and I don’t hear as much about anti-tg and wouldn’t both be elevated?

Anonymous: Hello Dr Cabral, I have been listening to this podcast for some time now and I appreciate all the information you share. Thank you! I have been suffering with pain, throbbing pain at the rectum that can last for hours, making it difficult to sit; following bowel movements for approximately 5 years now. A bit of background is 5 years ago I had an procedure to correct a anal fistula and I have never been the same since both physically or mentally. The procedure was excruciating and tortuous. I have since seen many doctors to seek help for my consistent pain. I’ve had many treatments to help with pain including Botox, steroid creams, estrogen creams, hemerriod creams, opioids and I have also eliminated certain foods that I noticed caused more pain such as almonds – I’m not sure why consumption of almonds affect me in this way, they don’t change my bowl motion just the pain. I don’t suffer constipation and sometimes have lose stool but the consistency of my stool has no correlation to the pain, it is the passing motion that results in the pain. I am able to manage life since removing almonds which is amazing considering all the other interventions I’ve had that didn’t give me any results, but I would love to be pain free. I will not have surgery again as I was in such a bad place after the initial surgery where I saw no hope for my life due to the immense pain I was in. Do you have any idea what is wrong with me and what I might be able to try? I’ve tried candida cleanses, gut protocols, elimination diets, I do FM detoxes regularly, eat a clean diet, had a stool test that showed strep and low ecoli and low diversity of probiotics and I’m doing protocol to address this now. I’m really at a loss and I’m hopeful that you might be able to suggest something to try. Thank you and kindest regards.

Susana:For someone dealing with candida, do you suggest doing a detox first and then the candida protocol or the other way around?

Winter: Hi. I am a 55 year old female who is wanting to detoxify the metals in my body. I am showing signs of autoimmune disease but otherwise healthy. I would like to start with the 7 day detox program however I have metal fillings. Could the 7 day still help or do the fillings nullify the process? Thank you.

Anonymous:Hi Dr. Cabral, I am at a loss. After going off birth control (that I was on for 10 years) due to experiencing anxiety and chin breakouts, my hormonal acne has never been worse. I take milk thistle and a B complex as well as eat a very clean, whole food vegan diet. After doing research, i am doing everything right, but I am still experiencing terrible cystic acne. What can I do to help balance my hormones naturally? Thank you.

Lisa: Hi Dr. Cabral and team! I’m really struggling with inflammation. I have done the 21 day detox, CBO, gut rebuilding protocols and my tongue still has red painful spots and a weird pattern that is white. My OAT did show some yeast overgrowth, but for some reason my body is struggling to rid it. I got desperate and even tried months of a strong antifungal pharmaceutical with the keto diet. My tongue did not improve. My biomedical doctor thinks I need to give LDN a try to help decrease inflammation. I’ve done multiple labs, including your adrenal/ thyroid, OAT, IgG food sensitivity, stool, HTMA, and I also do a lab called NutEval. Shockingly my labs look good besides a little Estrogen dominance (taking Estrogen Dominance), little yeast overgrowth, aluminium in my HTMA, and low omega 3s. I do notice improvements with taking 2000mg of omega 3s and CBD oil twice a day, so I feel like that is sign I need to focus on anti inflammatories. I know you can’t give medical advice and I know you don’t do pharmaceuticals, but could you share your opinion on LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone). Thank you!!!


Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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