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HouseCall: Gastroparalysis, Fluoride Acne, Antipsychotics, Mouth Ache, Coming Off Birth Control

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Valeria: Hi dr cabral I believe I have gastroparalysis. For about 2 years my hunger has been abnormal as it used to be. Especially after I have cheat days I can end up having no hinger for 3 days at one point lasted weeks and when I do feel hungry its something super small. Are there anyways to bring back my normal hunger? If tried fasting and also doesn’t work.

Jess: Thank you for all you do! Can you talk about the flouride acne connection. I and many others I have found online have great skin while abroad and horrible skin the second I am back in the states. We are also the only country that has high levels of flouridated water….How can we avoid flouride and therefore help get clear skin? Is there something I can put in bathwater to help decrease flouride if i dont have ability for filter?

Darren: Hey Dr Cabral. Good show as always. Really admirable how the shoe’s is consistently of the highest quality and you never seem to run out of topics to educate the masses on. My question is with regard to your personal view on prescription medication. Are medications for psychological disorders over prescribed in your opinion? Is the American population too reliant on them or are doctors too eager to give them out? Can antipsychotics cause brain damage or whatever side effects? What would be your first line of attack before giving someone who has perceived mental issues drugs or your recommendation for someone who wishes to come off them in a safe way? There are many who argue thelat their body can’t produce serotonin etc so that’s why prozac and other pharmaceuticals come in handy. Surely there are other means before going down that path, right? I am not personally suffering from any issue and I am aware you cannot legally claim to treat, cure any disease but I’d like to know your Modus operandi and views on topic as I believe it makes for healthy debate. Keep up great work.

Daniel: I’ve been studying your teachings for a little over a year now. When I first discovered your podcast my average weekend was spent lying in bed with zero motivation to do anything. I had no desire to see friends, tend to the house chores are even visit my family. This of course was a recent addition to the life long chronic allergy battle I fought through. Today I look over my lab work and see the pollen build up on the sidewalks of Houston and remember what my life used to be like before I found you. 3 protocols and lots of nutrition later I’m now living the life is always dreamed of having. I wanted to thank you for that first. By the time this airs I should be wrapping up L2 IHP and I’m going to take all this gratitude I have for you and use it to help as many others as I possibly can. Man-to-Man -you’re my hero.My Q: After breaking a water fast, the very moment that food enters my mouth, the roof of my mouth aches with extreme tenderness. It has always done this no matter what I break the fast with. Recently discovered it happened to my mother also during the fasting part of the Detox and even found another member in the group who experienced the same. Unfortunately these are the only three people in my life who I can relate to other than ONE other I had found on a massive Google search years ago, still with no explanation. The symptom does reside on its own in anywhere from 3-24hrs. Would love your thoughts Dr. C

Stephanie: Hi Dr. Cabral! I’m going to be getting off my birth control in the next couple months. I am 26 years old I am currently taking the contraceptive pill and have been on the same one since I was 18 years old. What kind of supplements would you recommend to help with the process of balance my hormones back to normal after taking the pill for so long? Would you recommend any of your tests? I just finished your 21 day detox about a month ago and still take your nutritional support shake almost every morning. After i’m pff the pill should I do another 21 day detox? What are your thoughts on this topic?Thanks for all you do and information you provide – I listen toy our podcasts pretty much everyday as I am also a fellow new englander up in New Hampshire! Thanks again for your time.


Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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