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HouseCall: Postpartum Thyroiditis, Viral Protocol, Ayurvedic HCl Formula, Health Coaching Standards, Fungal Testing, Membranous Nephrotic Syndrome

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Kayla: I’ve become an avid listener the past couple of months as I have recently taken a renewed natural approach to my health. I appreciate your wealth of knowledge that you so graciously share with the world! I am 4 months post partum and am going through quite a roller coaster of thyroid issues. I was diagnosed hypothyroid during my pregnancy with a small node that was detected. The node has since shrunk in size but my thyroid problems have persisted. I have been diagnosed with postpartum thyroiditis, with a thyroid that went hyper and now is extremely hypo. My endo is sending me biweekly for blood work to constantly update my synthroid dosage. I am getting frustrated by the traditional medicine approach to thyroid management as it is seriously effecting my breast milk supply. My goal is to excusivly breastfeed my daughter, but have had to supplement with formula as a result of the thyroid issues. I want to resolve this in the most wholistic way so I can give my daughter the best nutrition. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Gio: I started one of your protocols: Here’s the backstory and my question involving it (Thank you in advance!): My friend is a big fan of your podcast and recently came across episode 760 and shared you and it with me. I am living with herpes and have done a multitude of natural remedies and probably some “snake-oil saleman” like remedies in the last few years. I’ve had anal warts completely disappear but one came back after a few years recently following a lot of stressful exertion and time in my life. I’ve been doing everything I can to rid myself of this pesky virus for good, as I believe there must be a way. I have not taken antibiotics in over 15 years (I’m currently 32 5’11” & 165 lbs), have a 95% clean diet, and have fought every sickness with whole foods. As a bird’s eye view of my diet, I eat for mostly pitta, mostly vegan (lots and lots of dark leafy greens), and eat the highest quality grassfed/grassfinished ground beef & pasture raised chicken. I rarely eat processed food, exercise regularly but stress and lack of sleep wear my immune system down rather quickly. When I read up & and listened in on your Episode 760, I felt I finally found missing pieces to the puzzle in attempting to rid myself of this virus. My curiosity had wondered that maybe my immune system has never stopped fighting the virus and therefore my get exhausted more quickly as I age. Well, one week ago Friday (March 22, 2019), I was helping my roommate overcome a fever and sickness, and I believe I may have caught a bug from him, as I began to get a scratchy throat. Then that Sunday the 24th with a limited budget, I began the ACV+Cayenne+GSE water 3xdaily and the lysine+vitamin 1000mg each 3x daily, and I believe the wart shrank considerably. What is strange is that I’ve been extremely congested this last week and blowing a lot of green mucus (recognizing there’s an infection). I was wondering if this could be die off system of the bacteria causing the infection and might be a natural culling process of the virus if in fact it’s been residing within the bacteria? I’m going to continue with your regiment up to 2 weeks while saving to get the rest of your recommedations in April. Could you provide any feedback for the congestion/sickness I’m experiencing; is the congestion/infection potential/usual of he die off process for herpes?  Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I hope my details are helpful rather than laborsome to read. Blessings and loving gratitude for all you and your teams do,Gio

Nancy: Hi Dr. Cabral,I was wondering if there is a specific ayurvedic herbal formula that helps to rev up HCL production. I have become intolerant of HCL (per Zyto scan and symptoms that I had noticed recently after supplementing for decades due to achlorhydria.Thank you very much,Nancy

Lee: Hi Stephen!I’m a woman in my mid 20’s with a background in Nutritional science. I’m considering taking the IHP program but wondering how much is covered in terms of business/marketing. Many of my health coach peers have taken other certifications that left them feeling like they didn’t know where to start, or how to find and reach out to new clients with email lists etc. Does the program provide you with a website such as IIN and IAWP? I’m also wondering if it’s accredited by ICHWC or NANP, which seem to be the gold standard in holistic health coaching certifications. I believe the regulations for holistic practitioners will be stricter over time, so it would be reassuring for many to have that quality guarantee.Thank you

Maria: Hello, I was wondering what you would recommend as far as far as tests and tx for my husband. He has skin issues that come and go, looks like a fungus, they are round lesions that appear. They itch and burn. Also has fungal issues with his toenails. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral – can you tell me if you have ever had a client with Membranous Nephrotic Syndrome. Since this is an autoimmune disease I would assume we would focus on the gut – maybe an OAT? What else would you suggest for getting to root cause and putting this in remission? Thanks for everything you do


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