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HouseCall: Fibroid Tumor, Lymphocytes Elevated, Placenta Capsules, Swollen Glands, Carb Rebalancing, Childhood Seizures

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Maria: Dr Cabral thank you for all you do. Your passion and dedication are really inspirational. I had a big fibroid tumor removed from the uterus via c section and now I am terrified of ever growing another one. What markers should I monitor in blood work/lab work to make sure my levels are ok and not conducive to growing fibroids? Also I’m still struggling with mild acne and my cholesterol and TSH are still elevated on the most recent blood work (total chol 210, LDL 123… TSH 3.38, free T4 1.14, free T3 2.4) I did OAT HTMA and Thyroid adrenal hormone tests with your team and followed all supplement recommendations including CBO protocol and CBO finisher. I’ve listened to all your podcasts and when I did the testing with you guys estrogen to progesterone levels were good. Any help with these areas please? Thank you so much!

Erica: Hi Doctor Cabral! I saw & loved your episodes on the Primal Example podcast & Ben Greenfield podcast. I really resonated with a lot of what you said. I’m reaching out because I’ve been having a host of health issues for the past year that have still been unresolved. I’m 23 years old, and i have dizziness (that feels like i’m walking on a boat / a bobble head) and pretty bad brain fog. Sometimes it goes away, but other times it appears randomly. It does seem to get worse around my period. On top of that, I’ll have muscle pulsing, random sensations / feelings as if things are crawling on my body (mostly at night), and headaches that feel like pains on top of my head. Occasionally, I’ll have shortness of breath, anxiety, and burp a lot when this happens. All of my symptoms started a lot worse back 10 months ago with bad acid reflux and chest pains, which i mistook for a heart condition (got that ruled out), but I slowly healed my body overtime where I no longer get the acid reflux. I also ruled out MS and lyme disease. To give you some more markers, I became iron deficient / anemic (was at a 6 saturation, now i’m at a 14). I also was told I have h pylori, which i have been trying to heal naturally as antibiotics did not work the first time (I bought your healthy belly product). On top of that, I scored weakly positive for celiac disease (7), but after my endoscopy they were unsure if I actually have celiac or the h pylori was causing the lymphocytes, as none of my villi were damaged. My blood pressure also lowers when standing (87 -> 80), which my doctor said might be an important marker.
If you have any advice or a direction I can head in, that would be so extremely helpful. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Tayla: Hi 🙂 I don’t think this has been discussed on here before..? Placenta capsules are becoming a big thing here in AUS- where after you give birth to your placenta it is placed in a bowl and given to someone to dehydrate and then they encapsulate it (my understanding) for a fee. Not that I am currently pregnant but I thought because of the “health benefits “ it promotes for the mother after birth I said I wanted to do it and my partner thinks it’s a fad thing and to ask the page ha ha So what does Dr Cabral think about this ?? Thank you 🙂

Krista: Hi Dr. Cabral, I’m 33 years old and have had health problems my entire adult life. I was a very active child (and even taught dance through my second pregnancy 10 years ago), but have yet to be able to fully get back on my feet. I have suffered from many ailments over the years (migraines, IBS, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression) but have been able to improve many of them (slowly but surely) through diet and lifestyle changes. I do not take any medications and haven’t had any (including antibiotics) in over 10 years. My current challenges are mainly around reoccurring mono (I had it October 2017 and was still recovering from the adrenal fatigue and swollen lymph nodes when I got hit with it again November 2018, due in part to the stress my body went through with the passing of my Father). I’m getting better little by little but it is a VERY slow climb and I want to make sure I’m doing everything I should be to get my body back to 100%. I take a range of good quality supplements (B’s, D’s, C’s, multi, adaptogens, CoQ10, zinc, DIM, NAC) as well as eat a diet free of Gluten and Dairy. I juice celery and greens, eat only organic meats and occasional fish, and eat little to no sugar (occasional maple syrup and agave). I drink lemon-salt water in the morning (to cleanse and for the iodine), Castor Oil Packs, and drink Dandelion tea to help support my liver. I also make sure to take a daily walk most days and just started dry brushing and “jumping” every day as well. My main symptoms right now are fatigue (still have to take 1-2 naps a day and severely limit my interactions with others) and the swelling of my lymph nodes (goes up and down but always seems to be present one way or another). My question is, what else should I be doing? I plan on eventually taking the OAT and HTMA tests when I can afford it (I suspect I still have some candida issues), but in the meantime should I try the 7-day detox? I’m hesitant only because I don’t want to overwhelm my body with detoxification while it is still so weak (also, I took the Clean Gut Probiotic). It felt like PMS times 1000! My tongue also got a slightly white film on it that went away when I stopped the probiotic). Any other tests, therapies, or supplements you’d recommend? I am 5’4″, 110 pounds and have to be very careful not to lose weight.

Tayla: ****Hi Dr C, long question ahead but I really appreciate all you do and the extra new speedy delivery system to AUS !! I had an OATs and HTMA test done and got my results from Laura on the 2.11.18 And while there was things I required from equilibrium, my biggest take from the session/test was that I had been to restrictive in my carbs for a long period of time (even though I had weight to lose it was counterproductive) Which I pretty much slowly started adding in more as I went which initially was fine , felt better and no weight gain. About two weeks before Xmas I did a Dr C detox, flew from AUS toNZ for Xmas and had only put on about a kg over the festive time..(also took over Digestive and multivitamin from dr c- had also done a 14 day in July 2018) On the 16th of Jan I started taking my extra tablets cal-mag,zinc, CSE drops, adrenal soothe, clean gut probiotic, iron – as well as the multivitamins.I’ve put on a few more kgs after Xmas – which in listening to dr C podcast he said it can take 12-16 weeks to stabilize out ? So that’s pretty much 6weeks on extra vitamins 15 weeks on slowly increasing carbs and I’ve gained 3kgs bringing me up to 66kgs at 165cm aged 26. When I was at 63 I felt like I had 3 kgs to lose so I feel and am starting to look like I need to lose weight, especially the upper thighs and middle tummy. I have been a little more relaxed with dinner options and mostly only going for walks/runs as and maybe 2 weights sessions a week compared to previously when I was doing more weight sessions a week. But on a usual day I was only really adding 100-120g of sweet potato to my lunch and dinner and if I felt like it I’d have 30g oats on a Tuesday and Thursday morning but not always. Is this enough to really throw my body out and start gaining weight or is this still my body adjusting ? I have re listened to the coming off a low carb diet podcast. But still unsure on what I should do. As for the weight gain , I can step up the exercise but how do I work out what my body needs in terms of how much etc I know you have to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight but usually your carbs get cut .. and that’s how I’ve put myself out of sync/ in the mess I am in now ha ha If you can help I’d really appreciate it because I just don’t know how much carbs I should be adding in and for how long to fix myself and then when taking them away to lose weight is okay ? Tayla 🙂

Jen: Hi Dr. Cabral! A friend’s daughter started having seizures at about 2 months of age. The seizures became progressively worse and she was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. She has had extensive stays at the hospital since this started. They have tried everything doctors have recommended including: 13 different medications, medical marijuana, keto diet, and brain surgery. I think they noticed small improvement with the keto and a few other things they tried. But she still continues to have seizures. She is now almost 3 years old and has about 60 seizures per week. They were told she has a rare genetic deletion called DEPDC5. Have you seen something similar in your practice? Are you familiar with this genetic deletion? To my knowledge they have not explored holistic and functional medicine. What next step would you recommend or lab testing in order of importance? Thank you for everything you do!

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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